What Makes You Happy? Here’s What People Had to Say.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, it’s that the little things in life make me happy.

Everyone is different, of course, but I’ve found that I enjoy a good meal, a quiet night in with a good book, or spending time with family and friends.

What makes you happy?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Keep it up!

“Thinking about my momentum in losing weight!

Its taking a long time but im putting in faith that the results are there, I just don’t see it yet.”

2. The good stuff.

“My family, dr**ken nights with my best friend, laughing with my coworkers, and my hobbies – particularly, movies and video games.”

3. It works.


To clarify, I actually do have ADHD and yes it makes me f**king happy to take it because finally the noise in my head is dialed down a notch.”

4. Storytelling.

“A good story. Whether it be in a book, a movie, video game, etc.

The kind that is so good that you don’t know what to do with yourself after it’s over.

It’s so good you want to forget everything about it just so you can re-experience it.”

5. In love.

“My new boyfriend.

I told him the three things I wanted in life.

He got me one of them, a pinball machine, for my birthday!”

6. Nice!

“My girlfriend!

We were good friends in school, and it just so happened that we both got out of long term relationships in the summer about a month apart.

We helped each other get through the tough part of a break up, and ended up falling for each other. Couldn’t be happier.”

7. Warms the heart.

“Seeing my four kids interact and enjoy each other so much now that they’re grown.

They’re good people, and it warms my heart.

Plus, they crack me up.”

8. The good life.

“Money in the bank.

Bills paid.

And family.”

9. All figured out.

“I’m in a healthy beautiful relationship for the first time ever, have an amazing job and we have 3 amazing pets who are all sleeping peacefuly around me.”

10. I love the last one!

“My husband, our babies, my parents, my siblings, seeing them all happy, sunshine, nature, swimming, music, painting, and the original Friday the 13th.”

11. The little things.

“Fresh air. Good nights sleep. Coffee in the morning.

I mean, ever get home after wearing stuffy jeans all day, and then scratching your balls with both hands?

The little things in life.”

12. I’m with you on this one.

“Sitting on the sand at the beach on a warm, sunny day with my eyes closed and my head back listening to the sound of the waves and taking in deep breaths of that amazing salty sea air.

I love the beach so much.”

What makes you happy?

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