What Makes You Instantly Question Someone’s Intelligence? People Shared Their Thoughts.

News flash: there are a whole lot of dummies out there!

And sometimes, sadly, they give themselves away immediately.


Let’s hear from AskReddit users about things that make them question someone’s intelligence.

1. None at all.

“Just a complete lack of critical thinking.

They cannot troubleshoot anything.

I have an employee like this and it’s painful watching them sometimes.”

2. Boom!

“They make their political affiliation into their entire personality.

Your politics should come from your worldview, not the other way around.”

3. Oh, no.

“Alpha males.

I had a manager who definitely thought of himself as an alpha male and talked non stop about hunting, etc. He once made fun of me for wearing a pink shirt (it was salmon, but also who cares) and asked for my man card.

I stared at him blankly until he produced an actual novelty little weird “man card” thing. My friends still don’t believe he was a real guy. Also had a Yosemite Sam mustache.

He came in wearing a gilly suit for Halloween and I pretended I couldn’t see him the entire day which was pretty fun.”

4. Yikes.

“I had a friend who was falling for one of those “work 4 hours a week from any beach in the world” scams. I told her how it was clearly a scam and if this was a true career, why wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Especially at the rate they were advertising. Coming from a good place all I was met with was “you’re just jealous” or “you’re not supportive and think you know better” type of comments. She ended up wasting 3-4 months of her time.”

5. Never their fault.

“If every mistake in their life is blamed on others…

Dropped out? Thats the schools fault. Didn’t get a GED? That’s their parents fault for not helping them.

Electricity wasn’t paid on time? Yeah the company is out to get him…I mean an excuse for EVERYTHING.”

6. Definitely.

“Someone who refuses to ask questions. “Nope, I already know what I know, I don’t need to hear from anyone else”

Really?? I love asking questions and clarifying not only people’s points of view, but also why that have that point of view as well. There is always so much to learn and so much more to see and understand.

Everyone has a lesson or two to teach – even if that lesson is simply “stay away from that person, they aren’t good people”.

Intelligent people always ask questions.”

7. Gross.

“Being confidently ignorant.

I knew a guy who constantly bragged about never reading a book cover to cover, claiming those who read are sheep.”

8. Agreed!

“The act of being rude or condescending to retail workers or waitstaff, in my opinion, is indicative of poor education and social skills.”

9. There’s only one truth.

“Anyone that says, “My truth”.

There’s only THE truth.

You can have FEELINGS but you aren’t entitled to your own truth.”

10. Here we go again…

“When they use the Bible as their go to defense for anything they do.

Especially when they misquote it or point to something that isn’t in the Bible.”

11. No thanks!

“A lack of humility is often a good sign.

Generally this coincides with a boisterous show of confidence even when not earned or proven, a sea of excuses when things go wrong, and blaming others for their mistakes because, well, it can never be them.”

12. They just know…

“They use feelings as facts and ignore solid science and actual facts because they “know better”.

Zero critical thinking skills.”

What makes you question someone’s intelligence?

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