What Movie Do People Like That Actually Sucks? Here’s What Folks Had to Say.

I’m going to remain a neutral party in this discussion because I’m just an observer…

But these folks?

They’re fired up about movies that they can’t stand that other people seem to love!

Check out what films they singled out for punishment.

1. Fired up.

“No other movie makes me as froth at the mouth angry as Rain Man.

“I can’t see the value of my mentally impaired brother until I realize he can earn me money,” and that’s the takeaway? Shown as a good thing? And it’s all played straight. At least Forrest Gump had some camp to work with.

Tom Cruise is a smarmy d**k even in the parts where he’s supposed to project as likeable, Dustin Hoffman is mediocre acting out whatever made-up impairment he’s meant to have.

I h**e it forever. I will throw it into a lake (any lake) (any representation of the movie).”

2. Not a fan.


I was so close to walking out of the theater but decided to stick it out because it had good reviews so I thought it would get better.

It did not get better.”

3. You’re nuts!


Granted the theme song and the dance choreography are top notch. It Is NOT a ’50s movie. It is a 1970s movie very badly dressed in 1950s clothing.

All of the songs within the movie are cheesy and one is a C&W single by Newton John. “Hopelessly devoted to You” was inserted into the film as a contract stipulation for the benefit of Olivia Newton John´s Solo career.

The whole premise of the film was that Danny Zuko was a wanker for being too cool.”

4. Not into it.

“Top Gun.

I can’t stand that movie. It’s cheesy and corny and boring.

And the love interest looks like she could be his mom.”

5. Uh oh.

“The Polar Express.

They took this beautiful, quiet masterpiece of a book and turned it into this shrill experience.

The first time I saw it, it was jarring. Now, I like the magic that it offers, even though it isn’t the magic of the book.”

6. I’m with you on this one.

“I h**e Elf and I can’t watch Will Ferrell in any comedic bit because of that movie.

I had to watch it, just the first 30-40 minutes, 3 times in one day because EVERYONE in my 8th grade loved it for some reason.

I love his smart characters, but him doing the stupid just for laughs bits annoys me to no end.”

7. Didn’t work for you.

“The Hangover, but to be fair I understand comedy is subjective.

I think the quotes are funny out context but as a whole they just don’t work.”

8. Garbage.

“La La Land is f**king garbage.

The main characters have zero chemistry on-screen, the plot is lazy, there are a lot of sequences that probably sounded better on paper than they wound up being in the movie (especially the observatory scene), and it tries way too hard to be a musical movie but doesn’t reach the mark.

All of that without stating my biggest issue with it; it’s not a jazz movie. There’s very little actual jazz music in the movie, all I can think of is the tap dancing in the bar scene which is solid.

Obviously the point of him playing in John Legend’s band is that it’s not supposed to be jazz, it’s him selling out and dropping the genre he supposedly lives for. But that one ballad that gets played throughout the movie is pop at best.

If anything the movie makes me dislike LA even more.”

9. Yup.

“”Boondocks Saints” was so hyped when I was in middle school.

Other than Willem Dafoe’s performance it was awful.”

10. Uh oh…

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I watched it for the first time a few months ago, and I don’t understand why so many people like it. The main character was insufferable to me and came off as a huge narcissist.

He just wanted to ditch school and have fun, but he never faced any consequences, instead the people around him did.

He even dragged his friends with him, and when one of them became upset because he crashed his dad’s car, Ferris used the excuse “I did this for you” when everything he did in the movie up to that point he clearly only did for himself.”

11. Nonsense.


I think the South Park assessment was d**d on. “Of course it’s good! It has to be, nothing this convoluted would be bad.”

That movie is absolute nonsense. It’s not smart. It’s just fast-paced gibberish. It’s only genius at to getting you to not question it.”

12. Didn’t get it.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

If you watch it without knowing who Sharon Tate is there is literally no reason for her or the k**lers to be in the movie at all and nothing makes sense.”

Do you feel this way about certain movies?

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