What Was Once Highly Respected That Is Now a Complete Joke? People Shared Their Thoughts.

You never know what twists and turns life is going to take

And sometimes things that were highly respected become, well, total jokes.

Let’s take a look at what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

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1. Total BS.

“TV, to be honest.

It’s just all garbage on every single channel.”

2. Very sad.

“Journalists, and no this isn’t some right wing fake news thing.

Consumerism has turned hard-hitting journalism into clickbait bulls**t because that’s the only way they can turn a profit anymore.

There’s still real journalists out there but no new ones are being born, very sad.”

3. Downhill.

“Netflix originals.


It was all but guaranteed to be amazing television at first, but now there’s only a hit once in a while”

4. Not their fault.

“OSHA. Not even their fault either.

There’s been so much lobbying against them that the red tape is so insane that they can’t effectively regulate workers exposure to toxic chemicals.”

5. It’s bad.


I’ve been in it 20 years it’s changed so much. It’s a joke.

I’m in USA so….it’s just gotten more corporate.”

6. Ugh.

“Rudy Giuliani.

Many people outside NYC don’t realize he was sliding into “joke territory ” before 9/11.

While he was credited with cleaning up the city, his personal life was falling apart to the extent his second wife at the time found out he wanted a divorce by seeing a news report on TV.”

7. That’s too bad.

“Better Business Bureau.

It’s essentially a rebranded Chamber of Commerce, not some independent agency intent on ensuring good practices.”

8. Used to be classy.


People used to dress up. Flight attendants were highly regarded.

The food was actually pretty good.”

9. Awful.


Social media has k**led it. Now it’s just a constant state of trying to “own” or “one up” someone else.

Conversation aren’t had any more, just shouting matches. And whoever is the loudest wins (no matter how stupid their point is).”

10. Sad!

“Levi’s blue jeans.

They used to last forever, now I’m lucky to get a year out of them. They always fail in the same spot too. No idea why but I’m not alone online about this.

I bought a pair of Lucky jeans on a deal. Never had a pair of them before. Now they just might be my new favorite.”


“The US Supreme Court.

I used to think of them as brilliant, thoughtful people of the highest ethics, carefully weighing complex arguments around difficult legal issues, always watching out for the public interest, working toward progress. I had complete respect for the Court.

Now they just seem like political hacks.

SCOTUS gave us Bush II, who arguably was a worse President than Trump, having wasted $8 trillion and countless lives on Iraq and Afghanistan. However much you and I despise him, at least Trump did not start any new wars.

Then SCOTUS reversed Roe v Wade, votes to do so coming from FOUR OF THEM who at their confirmation hearings declared Roe to be “settled law”. F**king liars. HACKS!

I no longer look to SCOTUS for justice, I only wonder how quickly and how badly they are going to f**k over the ordinary people in this country.”

12. This sucks.

“Working in the educational system.

Being a teacher still sounds worthy of respect, but working as one is a joke.

Kids are free to do whatever they want, you’re barely allowed to punish bad behaviour in any way, school politics stop from changing anything, parents always blame you etc.”

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