What’s the Most Deranged Thing You’ve Seen Someone Do? People Shared Their Stories.

Well, I have a feeling these answers aren’t going to be very pleasant

Because we’re about to hear from folks on AskReddit about the most deranged things they’ve ever seen.

Yeah, like I said, not pleasant…

Let’s see what they had to say…hang on tight!

1. Awful.

“There was this one time back in middle school, I was probably in eighth grade at the time, I was walking to school about two streets away when I saw a woman grab a kid off the street, drag him into her van, beat him, drive off about 150 ft then pull over and throw the boy onto the road and drive off.

I still have no idea why, who she is, and how she thought that was a good idea.”

2. Self-harm.

“We were in 3rd grade. A new girl asked to borrow my scissors and of course I let her.

I hand her the scissors and she immediately starts slicing her forearm from elbow to wrist. There’s just blood pouring out of her arm getting all over her hand and the desk. I was shocked but luckily our teacher was there pretty fast and got her out of the classroom and then my mom (who was the teacher next door) brought us all to her classroom.

Only a few of us saw what had happened and surprisingly, we kept our little 3rd grade mouths shut about it.”

3. Ugh.

“Eight years ago I was at a bar and was inside paying my tab when a huge brawl broke out on the patio, 25-30 people were involved.

I saw three guys jump another man and one of them stomped his head into the sidewalk a couple times, I also saw one guy get thrown face-first into a plexiglass window.

It was a really chaotic scene, a lot of innocent people on the patio got hurt who had nothing to do with the two groups who started the fight. Police were called and numerous people were arrested.”

4. This is insane.

“Had a patient that was angry she was in the hospital and would throw herself face first into the floor. Repeatedly.

She’d actually dive into the floor, like she was diving into water but it was a linoleum floor. Broke her wrist the first time, put her on restraints, she’d seem good. Take her off restraints, and she’d do it again.

But her is the kicker. She was not mentally impaired. She was angry at her husband for having a mistress so she decided to run up her hospital bill to try and bankrupt them both before he could leave her.”

5. Horrible.

“Saw a guy that didn’t listen to his friend tell him not to go out and get his tool belt from a catwalk because the wall ties weren’t secure.

Dude shrugged him off and fell 8 floors after beating his head on a stack of metal decking on the fifth floor the way down.”

6. Idiot.

“I watched a woman I (sadly) know lick every frozen section door in a grocery store after being told to wear a mask.

She then mocked others for wearing masks and keeping a distance from each other(and her..) and spouted crap about COVID not being real and we’re all stupid.

She got COVID and felt like shit for a long time. Now she feels like even more s**t because of what she did. Small Town. Everyone sees and eventually hears about it.”

7. Quite scary.

“Two people fighting at a bus stop, then one of them pulls out a large knife and begins to cut himself in front of the other guy.

He was slashing himself whilst stepping towards him and screaming “Come on!”

I didn’t hang around to find out what the outcome was but yeah.. when I tell people this story who know me they’re like, “Typical London!” and they may have a point, but seeing it first hand was quite scary!”

8. The criminal life.

“When I first started getting into drugs and crime as a young man, me and an older gentleman went to go pick up some crack together on a back road out in the boonies.

We pulled up, the guy walked down his driveway and handed us the bag. As we drove away, my friend opens the bag, takes a bit in his pipe and realizes it’s just balled up toe/fingernails.

So he put the car in reverse, backed over the guy, and drove away.

Don’t know if he survived. But the sounds him and his body made while it was happening will be grinding in my brain like teeth in a mulcher for the rest of my life.”

9. Life in Siberia.

“In the middle of winter in Siberia on a bus at night when a d**nk passenger stumbled out and fell in three feet of snow. He immediately disappeared in the darkness.

Being a foreigner I asked “Is anyone going to get him?” And a Russian said “He will be frozen by morning” calmly. It freaked me out and later saw another frozen d**nk man on a park bench outside the subway.

He was there for several days before being removed. Turns out al**holism in Russia k**ls a lot of men in winter.”

10. The crazy woman.

“Back in college there was a local crazy woman who was around campus. Not sure if she was homeless, but she didn’t seem to be. Clearly had some undiagnosed mental issues or didn’t take her medication.

She was always hiding her face and would turn sideways if she noticed you looking her way.

Was in a Burger King near campus and I was with a small group of people when she was behind us in line (this was about 8pm at night). We basically just ignored her until one person in the group turned around and said, “I can see you.”

I have never before or since that time seen someone flip out so bad. I imagine someone might have the same reaction if you threw acid in their face or if they were on fire.

She was screaming like she was in pain and after a few minutes, she just started yelling all this really weird shit and throwing anything and everything she could (condiments and napkins and utensils) Not at people, but just in the air and all over the place.

Police showed up and ultimately got her out. The guy in our group was never allowed back in.”

11. A terrible discovery.

“My walk to work every morning crossed a cargo rail line. Wasn’t often used anymore, but there was a tunnel for it and it was a haven for homeless folk. Made sense; escape from the rain.

Crossed it one morning and a dude had seemingly passed out on the track overnight, a train came, took off both his arms and he bled out.

Or maybe he did it on purpose, who knows. That would be a needlessly painful method of s**cide, so I assume he was just trashed.”

12. Keep on driving.

“Driving past a suburban train station with a 40km speed limit during a quiet time of day, I saw a guy in a pink leotard and matching tutu doing a gymnastics routine on the grassed area.

OK slightly weird, until he did a handstand with his legs at 90 degrees out to the sides, and proceeded to do a shit out of a hole in the leotard that caught my attention enough to say that it looked like he was giving birth to a log. He was also wearing a tiara and had a look of complete concentration on his face.

I thought about calling the police for a welfare check until I realised that the police station was right next door, so I just kept driving.”

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