What Modern Social Trend Annoys You the Most? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I really do enjoy many things about social media, BUT there’s no denying that there are some really annoying aspects of it.

Like influencers.

And people dancing in their kitchens for no reason.

And there are a whole bunch of other ones I can’t think I’m right now because I’m starting to get upset…

AskReddit users discussed the modern social trends that really annoy them.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Ugh.

“Family vloggers horrify me. The concept of exploiting your children’s lives for views is particularly awful.

And because it’s a relatively new concept there are no real laws around child labor or exploitation concerning it. There are youtubers out there right now who live in mansions worth millions of dollars that they got from shoving a camera in their toddler’s face and demanding them to perform for strangers.

I can’t even imagine the psychological repercussions this will have on these kids in the future.”

2. It’s true.

“Everyone has a right to have a voice on the internet but not everyone deserves a following / authority / influence.

Just because you paid off your car doesn’t mean you’re qualified to become a financial coach.”

3. Can I just buy this thing?

“You can’t just buy something now. Everything is a subscription.

First it was just Netflix, then it was dollar shave club. Now every TV channel is a separate subscription, every household item wants to send it to you over and over again. Nothing is released physically, so the only way to watch a movie or check out a new album is to pay someone monthly.

Services that were offered for free or one-time purchase are rescinded and now offered as subscriptions. It’s so obvious that everyone and everything just wants to milk you as long and for as much as possible. And people just buy into it willingly. I know people who spend like $200 a month on s**t that was free like, 10 years ago.

People are even offering themselves on a subscription base now. I can’t believe how cool everyone is with watching all their money disappear all the time.”

4. No privacy.

“In general, just the fact that people aren’t allowed to be private anymore.

All your devices hook up to the Internet. Your smartphone tracks you in God only knows how many different ways. Every business wants you to sign up for a rewards account, so they can harvest your contact details. Hell, even my PC and game consoles will rearrange my desktop just to show me advertisements.

And if that wasn’t enough, people give you strange looks when you tell them you have almost no social media presence: no Twitter, no Instagram, no Snapchat, no Facebook. Not to mention how people just get this confused look on their face whenever I get mad at them because they took a photo/video of me without my knowledge or consent and put it on their social media.

Honestly, it shocks me to see how little people care that privacy is disappearing.”

5. The answer is NO.

“Entitled social media influencers who contact businesses and practically demand free goods or services in exchange for exposure.”

6. Ugh.

“The “I’m going to disrespect my way to the top of the world” thing that Jake Paul is doing.”

7. Don’t answer that.

“Spontaneous facetime calls. I’m in my god**mn undies. Stop shoving cameras in my face.

And by that I actually mean when someone else nearby starts a facetime and assumes you want to be part of it.”

8. They’re not gods.

“Glorifying celebrities and treating them like gods.

I understand being a fan of someone, but you don’t have to create an entire livelihood around them or try to emulate them.

This is also how people get into positions of power when they shouldn’t be.”

9. I’m a great person!

“People recording themselves doing “charitable acts” like buying a meal or giving money to a homeless person.

I can assure you that person does NOT want their face all over social media so you can get clout for being a “good charitable person”.

Sure do a good thing like helping the less fortunate but you don’t need to record it and have their face all over social media.”

10. Not cool.

“Over-the-top pranks that involve staged violence or scaring passersby.

Seems like a surefire way to traumatize someone.

I have PTSD and it’s not fun.”

11. Too much work.

“Everyone on the internet requesting me to create an account with an email and password just to access a page.

No, Donny’s Discount Lawn Furniture, i don’t want to be part of your mailing list, or subscribe to your instagram or whatever else.

I just wanna check the price of a chair, and GTFO.”

12. Put the phone down.

“Driving while on a cell phone.

Driving has always been a little frustrating but now it’s gotten insane. My girlfriend and I can call out with at least 90% accuracy who is on their phone.

Abrupt Lane changes, 20mph under the speed limit, swerving, looking at phone and missing a green light for 5+ seconds, and – my personal pet peeve – stopping 50’ short of a light in a busy intersection during rush hour.

Not only is the use common, but the entitlement that comes with it is across the board. Someone waiting at a green light 5+ seconds, I do a short honk to alert them – they give me middle finger. Like, yeah, I’m the f**king idiot here (I can see you playing on your phone through your back windshield).

The other day I had a girl pull across two rows of parked cars in a lot and had to slam on my brakes to not smash into her. Instead of saying sorry, she got out of the car (still in the middle of the lane) while still on FaceTime to film me.

Like… it’s gotten so bad that I don’t see any real solution other than videoing all of these people/license plates and sending them to the local police.”

How about you?

What trends are you really not a big fan of?

Let us know what you think in the comments!