What One British Man on Twitter Makes of 11 States in the U.S.

It can be super funny to hear what people from other countries know or assume they know about America, or each of her States. As long as everything is in good fun, as it usually is between Brits and Americans, it can also be interesting (and hilariously informative).

This guy has been through all 50 states, telling us off the top of his head what he believes each is famous for, with some pretty hilarious results – and here are the final 11.

11. South Carolina

This is definitely one thing its famous for

10. South Dakota

What about Mount Rushmore?

9. Tennessee

I feel like someone watches a lot of movies.

8. Texas

I feel like the best thing to say here is “no comment.”

7. Utah

Try not to be envious.

6. Vermont

Bless his heart.

5. Virginia

Well, this is awkward.

4. Washington

He got an astonishing amount right.

3. West Virginia

We were all waiting for it, and it was worth it.

2. Wisconsin

Once again, I do not think the Brits have any room to talk here.

1. Wyoming.

You cannot argue with this description.

Check out states 1-14, 15-28, and 29-40 when you have time.

And tell us in the comment whether he got your state right!