14 Hilarious Items That Are Stocked in “American Food” Aisles Around the World

Image Credit: Reddit

I think it’s natural to wonder what other places, other people, and other cultures think about your own – and not just what they would tell you when you ask, either, but what they believe when no tourists are looking over their shoulders.

Well, it turns out we don’t have to ask – we can just check out the “American” sections in their stores. There, we can get a hilariously accurate picture of all of the things foreigners believe are true – and how they are sometimes just too right.

14. Who knew the Swiss could be lazy?

Just throw it all in one box and see what happens.

13. In Finland, they know Americans go bigger.

That goes double for mayonnaise, obviously.

The largest size for Hellmann’s mayo is called "American size" in my country from mildlyinteresting

12. It’s all red, white, and blue.

And there are stars, in case you missed the point. The Germans are not subtle.

11. Why do they look gross in a jar?

I can’t believe French people WANT hotdogs, to be honest.

From the "American Food" section in France from funny

10. Twinkies, ok, but Pop Tarts?

They do not belong in a gross food museum, Sweden.

twinkies and poptarts in swedish ”disgusting food museum” from mildlyinteresting

9. A gallon of hotdogs.

That…is a lot of lips and a$sholes, my German friends.

In Germany you can purchase one Gallon cans filled with American style Hot Dogs. from mildlyinteresting

8. Of course he’s wearing a cowboy hat.

No one believes the American peanut is wearing a top hat and a monocle.

Bought peanut butter from the American food section today (germany) from mildlyinteresting

7. American food week!

And they included rose, god love them.

While everyone in the US is waiting for German food week, here in Germany I’m waiting for American food week from aldi

6. Is it wrong that I want to try it?

Maybe, but I’m an American, so I don’t care.

I wanted to buy some American groceries on Amazon UK until I saw this and realised that some things you just have to be born American to enjoy. from pics

5. These actually look pretty yummy.

I’m not sure why they’re from Kansas City, though.

I live in Madrid and I went to the American grocery store to look for relish (they had it!) and I saw this. I felt proud! from kansascity

4. I can’t believe that hasn’t caught on here.

I feel like it’s only a matter of time.

These 1 meter Pringles cans from mildlyinteresting

3. Do other countries not eat popcorn?

That sounds like a sad state of affairs.

2. There is a hotdog in the crust.

I can’t believe we didn’t think of that first.

1. Iceland is getting it right.

If America has a flavor, it’s definitely ranch dressing.

These “Cool American” Doritos I found in Iceland from mildlyinteresting

Ok, sometimes they’re wrong, too, and some of these just made me snort.

Have you seen something hilarious in a section like this somewhere in the world? Tell us in the comments where and what, please!