What Only Exists to Mess With All of Us? Here’s What People Had to Say.

The older you get, the more you realize what a sinister world we live in…

Things seem to exist just to mess with our minds and make our days a little bit more difficult.

What a cruel existence we all must deal with…

So, what exists only to mess with us?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts on this subject.

1. NO!

“The ads that have the X inside the ad.

So that when you click to close it, it takes you to the linked site.”

2. Pointless.


They have no ecological benefit and target only humans, almost exclusively just when the human hosts are sleeping, armed with natural anticoagulants and painkillers for enhanced, stealthy blood-sucking.”

3. Ouch.

“I know they weren’t meant to and once had a reason to exist, but by now: Wisdom Teeth.”

12. Well, on that note…

“Time. You lose it constantly and can’t get it back.

You get older and older and uglier and uglier until your a shell of your former self.

Then die and rot in the ground.”

5. Leave me alone!

“Robocalls about your car’s extended warranty.

I get these several times a week.

I don’t even own a car!”

6. Not a fan.


Wasn’t even that long ago that a study proved that you could wipe them all out and it would not actually negatively impact ecosystems as much as previously thought and there is now a real effort to exterminate every last one of the bloodsuckers.”

7. Thoughts on this one?

“Credit Scores.

Used to be that the bank would do their due diligence on loan applications before offering terms that made sense for each person.

Now they’ve constructed a huge system where missing one bill payment can f**k you over and paying down debt early is can be interpreted as a bad thing.

The idea in principle isn’t so bad, but the way it’s implemented is stupid and unwieldy and mistakes are far too hard to correct.”

8. Sent from Hell.


Now I hear you saying to me oh but wait printers are so useful. Nope. They were all sent from hell to haunt us. Office printers are bad, home printers are worse. They never work, need 300 different drivers you have to get off the website, oopsies we don’t make that one anymore.

Oh no, the ink we gave you was a trial size, guess what a**hole no stores sells the bastard random number your printer needs, but you can buy this replacement for 60 bucks that will print maybe 2 pages properly.”

9. Can be maddening.

“Our tax system. In the U.S. anyway.

Most places don’t have such confusing taxes. Usually it’s just a bill that comes that you gotta pay. This is very possible and doable in America. In fact in the past twenty years both a Democrat and a Republican’s on two separate occasions proposed a bill that would simply taxes so literally anyone could do it.

The problem is that would cost a lot of accountants some jobs. So, America, in it’s never dying love of retaining jobs that have no reason to exist outside of providing work, has never implemented a more simple tax system.

That and H&R Block spends millions of dollars every year to make the tax code more complicated so people will have to relay on some big company to do it for them.

And yet another example of a big giant company purposefully making the government incompetent so that they can replace the government and charge citizens to do what you legally have to do every year.”

10. Just end it!

“Junk paper mail in the physical mailbox. From the same companies constantly.

Capitol One, Discover, American Express. And certain ones have a thick card stock insert so you will pay more attention to it. Constant mailers from local realtors. Companies always pitching term life insurance. Etc etc etc. Tricking you to think it’s a tax form. Tricking you to think it’s official government business.

All junk mail needs to go away. All of it goes straight to the paper shredder and that also takes up a lot of time to deal with.”

11. Annoying.

“Products designed in such a way that they are impossible to repair

Power tools, all consumer electronics, appliances, cars, tractors, agricultural machines, trucks. Anything with a bearing or a microchip anything you can imagine buying and using is well on its way to becoming the exclusive property of the people who sold it to you. Forever. This forecast brought to you in the year 2021.

Fu**ing with people in such a way in order to make money is perhaps the worst outcome of capitalism. The subtle manipulation of what it means to own something by corporations is the worst thing that has ever happened to society.

It makes me feel a rage beyond words because the unrepairable item is by definition something that only exists to f**k with you.”

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