What Rational Sentence Could You Say Today That Would Sound Insane 20 Years Ago? People Responded.

It’s pretty crazy to think about all the ways the world and the United States have changed dramatically in the last 20 years.

Things we never could have imagined are now pretty commonplace…some of them good and some of them really, really bad.

People on AskReddit talked about rational sentences they could say today that would sound totally crazy 20 years ago.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Say what?

“I store my contacts in the cloud.”

2. Sorry about that.

“Hey, sorry the call quality is bad. I had to take the call on my watch because I’m watching a movie on my phone.”

3. No way!

“Uber is when you give a stranger your location over the internet so you can get in their car.”

4. Where da weed at?

“Officer, where do they sell weed around here?”

5. But why?

“The 2020 Olympics will be in 2021.”

6. Oh, really?

“128 GB of storage is tiny.”

7. For real?

“I spend 11 hours a day scrolling through my phone.”

8. Times have changed.

“2021: “Dude, I just got into a stranger’s car, went to have s** with another stranger, got into a different stranger’s car to get back home, and ordered some food from a stranger not affiliated with any restaurant, and I did it all from my phone.””

9. Yikes.

“Home Alone 2 has a future U.S. President in the movie.”

10. Okay…

“I need to charge my book.”

11. Dangit!

“Let me turn on the light so I can find the charger.

Oh wait, my lightbulb just got a firmware update.”

12. Confusing.

“I can’t wait to see the third Spiderman movie that will hopefully feature the two other famous Spiderman actors who starred in those other 5 Spiderman movies.”

13. Uh oh!

“Always put your mask on before going in to a crowded bank.”

14. How dare you!

“I f**king h**e Bill Cosby.

I hope he suffers for the rest of his miserable life.”

15. Odd.

“The world’s largest store, you can’t walk into, the largest room rental service owns no property, the largest personal transportation company owns no cars, you know, like always!”

16. Oops.

“I accidentally liked your post.”

17. Is that English?

“Let me Tweet this TikTok I found on Reddit.

I’m trying to find out ways to get more people to follow me.”

18. A different world.

“I wish Disney would quit making Star Wars movies.”

19. What happened?

“Can’t believe Brittney Spears might get her freedom back soon.”

20. Really?

“The Queen will be alive for the next 20 years.”

21. Now I’m depressed.

“Sometimes I miss walking the aisles of movies at Blockbuster.”

22. I don’t believe it!

“I still can’t believe the Cubs won the World Series.”

23. Scary.

“It was 115°F in Vancouver, BC a couple months ago.”

24. Wow.

“Charlie Watts will be the next member of the Rolling Stones to d**, and it won’t happen until 2021.”

25. What are you talking about?

“I just bought a lawnmower, jeans, AND ice cream on Amazon.com.”

26. The future!

“My self-driving car not only has wifi so your kids can watch movies on their tablets while we get groceries, but it also has Autonomous Climate Control to safely monitor temperature while we’re inside, all controlled through my Mobile Phone.”

27. Good Lord…

“Don’t eat those Tide Pods.”

28. Strange.

“Me: Joe Rogan is worth more than $100 million.

Friend: That guy from News Radio and Fear Factor?

Me: Yeah, that guy.”

29. Didn’t see that coming.

“Can you believe the Wachowski Sisters have a 4th Matrix movie coming out soon?”

30. It really happened…

“Donald Trump and Kanye West both ran for president (and one of them actually won).”

What rational sentence do you think you could say now that would sound insane 20 years ago?

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