What Really Weird Things Came Out in Stores That Were Discontinued? People Shared Their Thoughts.

You know what was a weird thing that was popular for a hot minute when I was in middle school?


And I had one of those shirts!

It was a strange time…but weird things come and go all the time.

AskReddit users were nice enough to talk about the weird things they remember that came out and were then discontinued.

1. Gross!

“Color change Cheetos.

You’d eat them and then your mouth would change to either green or blue? Anyway, you didn’t know what color you’d have till you started eating them.

Fast forward to next day, my three year old screaming, Mommy, Mommy, something is wrong with my poo!

Seems your mouth wasn’t the only thing that changed color.”

2. Back in the ’80s.

“As a UK school boy, trips to France were an excuse to buy explosives. I don’t know if they still sell them or not, but ‘bangers’ as we called them were like little sticks of explosives where you lit the fuse and retired to a safe distance.

All the souvenir shops sold them. They came in different sizes and strengths. Once you got you bangers home, you blew up as much stuff as you could. Apples still on the tree were good. Toys were fun too.

This was in the 1980s.”

3. Radioactive feet.

“Many shoe stores used to have fluoroscope X-Ray machines for customers to see how well their foot fit into the shoe they were trying on.

They were often unshielded and were highly radioactive.”

4. Worms.

“There was a product called the “worm getter” in the 1980s, basically a rod that shocked the ground outside your house that for some reason caused worms to come out of the ground so you didn’t have to buy them yourself.

Yeah there was about 30 d**ths attributed to this thing from people shocking themselves and it was recalled.”

5. Yikes.

“The whole reason that tampons today have warnings about toxic shock syndrome was because of a brand of tampons back in the 1970s that were designed to be put in and left in for YOUR ENTIRE CYCLE which of course made them breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty bacteria.

Needless to say they don’t make those anymore.”

6. Oops.

“There was a doll with an eating function that ended up eating young girls’ hair.

The seller also failed include how to turn off the doll in the instructions, so you can imagine the horror stories that went down because of that.”

7. Sounds really safe.

“My grandfather had a kit for kids to make their own lead soldiers.

It came with the molds for the soldiers, a bunch of ingots of lead, and a cooking pot to melt the lead in.

Then the child could pour the molten lead into the mold, wait for it to cool, then play with their new toy. What fun!”

8. Sign me up!

“Amphetamines used to be used as an appetite suppressant.

I mean, they worked.”

9. Ugh.

“That dyed ketchup. They had to put so much dye in it that they legally couldn’t call it tomato ketchup.

If I remember correctly it had a silly name too, like EZ Squirts.”

10. Time to pull them.

“Honda made this 3-wheeled kick scooter in the 70’s called the Kick-n-Go. Nifty little thing with a lever on the back that you pushed with your foot to go faster.

Only problem was you could get them going really fast if you just kept kicking, more so than a regular scooter where you have to kick off the ground.

They apparently sold like hot cakes in the early 70’s, until 2 kids d**d on them in 1976 and they pulled them from shelves.”

11. Just say no.

“I remember when you could buy that weird “synthetic marij**na” stuff in gas stations, it was right by the register.

Apparently that stuff is crazy bad for you, and basically turns you into a zombie.”

12. Fun!

“I think my personal favorite was the Atomic Energy Lab, a children’s toy that came with ACTUAL U-238 and the tools to measure it.

The kit also had instructions for how to prospect for Uranium ore in your own backyard!”

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