What Record Will Never Be Broken? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Records are made to be broken, but it’s safe to say that some will stand forever.

For example, I personally believe that Wayne Gretzky’s 92 goals in one NHL season will never be broken.

The closest anyone has come was 86 goals and that was back in 1991…and the game has changed a lot.

But you never know, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Check out what records people on AskReddit think will never be broken.

1. Both of these.

“The Lion King as the highest VHS sales of all time.

On a similar note, “Smash” by The Offspring is the highest selling independent album of all time.”

2. That’s wild.

“Jacque Villeneuve, Michel Schumacher and Heinz Harald Frentzen set the exact same time in qualifying in the 1997 European grand Prix.

To the THOUSANDTH of a second.”

3. Oh, boy…

“When I was a kid, we had a Guinness Book of Records lying around that we liked to browse in while bored.

There was this one guy in it who held a record for most bikes eaten. No, you did read that right. He ground up a bike and slowly consumed it over I don’t know how long a time.

The record was accompanied by a note that no further records of bike eating would be accepted, as it was deemed too dangerous.”

4. A long one.

“The longest professional tennis match of all time: John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon 2010. It lasted 11 hours 5 minutes, spanning 3 days of play, with a final score of 6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68

It was already nearly twice as long as the previous record holder. The reason it will likely never be broken is that every professional tournament except for one (Roland-Garros) now has tiebreaker rules that limit the number of games that can be played in final sets.

Although it’s hypothetically possible at RG, clay court tennis is not at all conducive to the serve-and-volley style of play that led to the insanely long 5th set of Isner-Mahut.”

5. Dark Side of the Moon.

“The longest non consecutive billboard 200 album streak belongs to none other than, The Dark Side Of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

It currently has been on the chart for 962 weeks. Second in line is Legend, by Bob Marley and the Wailers, at 733 weeks, meaning Marley and the wailers would need almost 4.5 years of time on the charts, with Floyd being absent, in order to take the number one spot.”

6. Built for speed.

“The current record for the Cannonball Run, a drive from NY to LA, is about 25.5 hours.

It was set in May of 2020, and the drivers were able to make use of the lack of traffic due to the pandemic to break the record.

Barring another similar world changing event, traffic conditions will probably never be what they were when that record was set.”

7. Impressive.

“Aleksandr Karelin, Greco-Roman wrestler.

887 wins to 2 losses.

Entered 9 world championships and never lost a bout in them.”


“Glenn Hall played 502 consecutive games as an NHL goalie.

Zero chance that will ever be broken, goalies these days rarely play more than 3/4 of an 82-game season, let alone numerous seasons without a night off.”

9. Looks safe.

“Luigi Fagioli won the 1951 French Grand Prix at the age of 53 years, 22 days – making him the oldest F1 winner in history.

Given that F1 drivers rarely continue driving past 40 anymore, this record looks pretty safe.”

10. Ace pitcher.

“Cy Young pitched 749 complete games in his career.

The current active pitcher with the most complete games in his career is Adam Wainwright, who has pitched for 17 years and has 27 complete games total.

Pitchers just don’t pitch the whole game anymore, and Young’s record will never come close to being touched.”

11. Making the cut.

“Tigers Woods’ 142 consecutive cuts made.

Didn’t miss a cut between 1998 and 2005.”

12. Yikes.

“Brendan and Claude Lemieux are the only father & son players in the NHL to both have been ejected from a game for biting an opposing player.”

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