What Red Flags Do You Look For in Other Peoples’ Houses? Here’s What Folks Had to Say.

Sometimes, when you walk into someone’s house for the first time, you can get a real jolt.

I’m specifically referring to red flags you notice that give you a little bit of insight into what folks are really like…and it can get weird and sketchy out there, folks!

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about red flags they look out for in other peoples’ homes.



Not an unclean kitchen type dirty but when it’s clear the snack wrappers have formed an alliance and are warring with the dirty clothes for dominance.”

No reading in this house!

“I was a realtor in the rural south.

I was always disturbed by the lack of books people had. Or if they only had religious texts (as in, just one religion – I’d be intrigued if it they covered the gamut).”


“A big swastika flag in the living room.

Or a live, laugh love sign.

Both are pretty bad.”


“A dirty bathroom.

People: even if you do literally nothing else to clean your bathroom on a regular basis, squirt in some toilet cleaner around the inside edge of the bowl, wait ten minutes, and scrub once a week no matter what.

I’ve been in very expensive homes with permanent ring stains because people weren’t regularly cleaning the toilet…”


“Things covered in dust.

Now of course I’m not saying your normal layer that most clean.

I’m talking hasn’t been touched in months, not even a fingerprint on the surface.”

I should go…

“Had a mate bring back a girl back to his place and he had his gaming chair in the living room which was branded THRUST MASTER.

He certainly wasn’t thrusting that night.”


“An entire wall filled with the taxidermy heads of animals you’ve k**led.

Or literally every wall in the house being a shrine to someone/something.”

How it’s done in Japan.

“As a resident in Japan, you can somewhat get an idea of how clean/tidy someone is just by seeing the way their shoes are arranged on the doorstep.

9/10 times if the shoes were just thrown here and there instead of being kept in pairs properly, their house was, in fact, very dirty.”


“Clutter and disarray.

Like no space on the sofa because it’s got laundry and debris on it.

I won’t want to sit down.”

No flags, please.

“For me, it is a turn off whenever I see flags outside of someone’s house (except for sports teams)

. American Flags, Trump flags, Maga flags, BLM flags, “in this house we believe in science….”. I actually agree with many of the flags at their core (however, there are some flags that I listed that are at odds with each other, so I disagree with a few I guess…but I am not interested in pushing my political beliefs, so I will leave it to your imagination as to which ones I don’t agree with).

But everything has become so politicized and propagandized over the past several years, that I just perceive every one of these as a flex of the person’s politcal beliefs. Likely I am the biased one in this scenario, but I can’t help it. It just turns me off. I am tired of politics. I just want to hang out and eat your food.”


“P**s in bottles.

My husband rented a room before we got married and the owner lived in the living room and had countless bottles of p**s in bottles everywhere.”

A little too nice in here…

“A house that’s too neat. I’ve been in homes where I’m scared to sit on the sofa because It’s so crisp.

Even more so if they’re square stuff up (like magazines) after you pick them up. Too stressful. I don’t want to trigger anyone.”

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