What Screams “I’m a Bad Parent”? People Responded.

It always bums me out when I see kids out in public who obviously have to deal with parents who are, well…terrible.

And, unfortunately, we all see it a lot more than we’d like to.

So what screams “I’m a bad parent.”

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Yes.

“Blaming your own mistakes and regrets on your kids.

And on the flip side, living vicariously through your children because of your own mistakes and regrets.”

2. That’s gross.

“I absolutely h**e when adults tell other adults their children’s shameful secrets for no reason, even strangers!

It tells me those children probably don’t feel like they can trust their parents.”

3. Pitting people against each other.


After divorce, one of our parents immediately weaponized our relationship against the other.

I’m 32 and still unweaving all of the details in my brain.”

4. Dismissed.

“Automatically dismissing and invalidating many of your child’s opinions because you think since they’re a child, they don’t know anything.

Yes, they’re not always right, but they’re still people and should be treated with respect.”

5. Tell them no.

“Not believing in telling your children “no”.

The world will and should tell them “no” at times.

They need to be prepared for that reality, or they will be an absolute menace to everyone around them.”

6. All about them.

“Telling your kid that you need them only for their money in the future.

“One day we will all live on the same plot of land so that you can still take care of me.”

I’ve got a life to live, stop holding me back with your already health issues you cause yourself because you’ve been dead-beat for the past 20 years, mom.”

7. A big sign.

“When it’s Christmas and you’re glad you don’t have to see them.

When the best gift they can give you is their absence.”

8. That’s messed up.

“The infantilization of their children. Wanting them to stay helpless babies forever because they don’t want them to grow up.

I’m a nanny and it seems like a growing trend.

It’s one thing to engage is some infantile behavior or spoil your children a little. It’s another thing to bend to every whim and not make your kids uncomfortable.

Example with some kids I’m currently dealing with, NOT POTTY TRAINING THEM.”

9. Here we go again.

“Constantly deflecting parental responsibilities to other people, groups, or organizations.

My step-sister to her 8-year old daughter: “It’s not my job to help you with your homework, that’s what teachers are for.””

10. Weird.

“Hugging your kid while only ever looking at other people’s reaction and the kid doesn’t quite look that comfortable with it.

Hugging the kid in a manner which looks like theater performance basically rather than actual affection.”

11. Always hovering.

“Helicopter parents.

I’ve had several friends and other acquaintances whose parents were incredibly strict and controlling and those friends were the most emotionally unstable, reckless, and chaotic people I’ve ever known.”

12. Definitely not fair.

“Having too many kids or more than you can afford and raise yourself so you make the older child or children take care of the little ones so they stop being children because they have to be like a second set of parents.

It’s not fair.”

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