What Self-Diagnosis You Gave Yourself That Turned Out to Be Totally Wrong? Here’s What People Said.

Do you want a life tip from a guy who just considers himself an Average Joe? Don’t try to figure out what’s wrong with you if you’re really not feeling well.

Leave that stuff up to the professionals!

Just trust me on this one, okay?

What self-diagnosis did you give yourself that turned out to be totally wrong?

Here’s how people on AskReddit responded.

1. Now it makes sense.

“I had just moved to a different country and had to do a 14 day quarantine. By the 8th day I started having stroke-like symptoms.

Having trouble breathing, heart palpitations, body going numb, not being able to speak properly. I was sure I was going to die and that it was definitely a stroke or a heart attack. I got taken to the hospital only to be diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder.

It didn’t make sense to me at the time, but now it does.”

2. Surprise!

“My aunt and I both got really sick, like throwing up for almost two weeks.

Decided we had gotten food poisoning from some bad ceviche at a family gathering.

Nope! We were both pregnant. Had babies three weeks apart.”

3. That’s odd.

“Thought I had knee problems.

Turned out I had back problems that were affecting my knee.”

4. Anxiety issues.

“I diagnosed myself with a brain tumor due to headaches.

Was so convinced that I got a CT scan and turned out there was nothing wrong.

Anxiety is a b**ch and will help convince you of anything negative.”

5. Hypochondriac.

“I had hypochondria as a teen.

The most horrifying by far was when I gave myself an AIDS diagnosis and kept it all to myself. Only now, many years later have I been able to share this with my closest friends. I was sure I wasn’t going to see my 18th birthday. There was no way possible I could’ve had it and I didn’t have any symptoms.

This internal panic lasted for about two months and became to a halt because I realized how ridicilous it was. With that stopped also my hypochondriatic thoughts once and for all.

I know some people aren’t that lucky and can’t shut it down with just the power of logic. That’s why hypochondria is no joke. That s**t eats you up inside.”

6. That’s a relief.

“I got a weird rash on my ear last winter.

I freaked out and of course my mind went straight to cancer. My online search turned up severe liver issues, and a couple other weird things.

It was a B12 deficiency. I started taking my multivitamin again and it cleared up in less than a week.”

7. Just come see me.

“My tongue looked weird and I googled it.

I thought I had thrush so I put gentian violet on my tongue, turning it blue.

I went to the doctor later with my blue tongue and she was like, this isn’t thrush, stop using the internet instead of coming to me.”

8. Not cysts.

“Ovarian cysts.

Had quite some pain, pregnancy test was negative and had no other explanation for the pain and the area it was in.

Turned out I was in fact pregnant and had a nasty case of nesting pain. The pregnancy test was a false negative. I was very relieved to be wrong. The pregnancy was planned, ovarian cysts were not.”

9. Celiac.

“I spent years feeling exhausted and like I had to throw up, especially after going out for dinner.

I figured I was lazy and had a delicate digestive system that was prone to food poisoning.

Nope, it was celiac disease and the only time I ate bread that made the symptoms really obvious was when I ate at restaurants!”

10. No need to worry.

“I’m a lesbian who has never slept with a man.

When my period is late my brain automatically goes to pregnancy.

It’s bizarre.”

11. Wow.

“Swelling in my ankles that was obviously a case of tendonitis.

Nope! Congestive heart failure.

One heart operation and two stents later the swelling is gone.”

12. ADHD.

“I thought I had a hearing deficit because I always miss what people say and have to ask them to repeat.

Turns out I’m just ADHD and can’t focus on things that are not interesting.”

13. Whoops.

“Stomach cancer.

One day a huge amount of blood in my stool and was convinced I was going to die. Google confirmed my prognosis.

Forgot about the large amount of beets eaten the prior day. Next day all the ‘blood’ was gone and I’m now back on the road to recovery.”

Have you ever given yourself a self-diagnosis that was totally wrong?

If so, tell us about it in the comments.

Thanks in advance!