What Should Be Much Cheaper Than It Is? Here’s What People Said.

Inflation is pretty out of control at the moment and we’re all feeling the rise in prices in pretty much everything we buy lately.

But some things should just be cheaper no matter what the economy looks like.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Sucks.

“Food – you shouldn’t have to choose between food or bills.

I’ve had to tell my kids I wasn’t hungry when making meals this summer when in reality I just cant afford to feed everyone due to these rising prices and rent increases, and I’d rather I go without than them.”

2. Ridiculous.

“Ambulance rides!

My sibling got picked up in one and later found out “it was out of range of her insurance” and had to pay a bunch of money.

She was literally d**d and we just called 9/11 and that’s who came? It’s not like we had a choice??? And you know what along with that, INSURANCE could be cheaper too.”

3. True.


Why is toilet paper free in public restrooms but I have to pay 15 dollars for something that is just as much of a necessity?”

4. Not fair.

“Hearing Aids.

They cost a ton and have about the same level of technology as wireless earbuds.”

5. That would be nice.


We all deserve access to help, and sometimes people can’t afford to pay for that help. It doesn’t matter if they’re broke or not.

Everyone should have a right to get that help. It hurts me all the time thinking of the people that therapists offices decline, not caring about what happens to them…”

6. Shocking.

“Baby formula.

Why must I pay ridiculous prices just to feed my child?

I want him to thrive but nope! You get smacked with awful prices for food for a child.”

7. Here we go again…

“Anything for a wedding.

You can buy most party supplies cheap but slap ‘wedding’ on the label and you’re looking at paying a premium.

Also, weddings.”

8. Amen!

“Education and healthcare.

It’s 2022, these should be basic human rights.”

9. Dude, where’s my car?


Recently left the car in a paid parking lot for 2 hours (the price was not indicated).

I ended up paying $32…”

10. Hard to be healthy.

“Healthy lifestyle choices!

No wonder there are so many obese people and health concerns walking around.”

11. Oh, Canada…

“Gasoline in Canada.

We have the 4th largest oil reserve on the planet.

Every other oil reserve countries sell gas for about a dollar a gallon.”

12. They keep going up.


They really have us paying 1500 for non remodeled houses built in the 1940s.

Apartments should never be over a grand.”

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