What Should Everyone Experience Once in Their Life? Here’s What People Had to Say.

We’re all different, but I think most humans can agree that they have some goals and things on their bucket lists that they want to accomplish before they check out for good…if you know what I’m saying.

Maybe you want to skydive? Or swim with the dolphins? Or see the Northern Lights? Or visit Europe?

The possibilities are endless. And maybe you’ll get some more ideas from the responses below.

Folks on AskReddit discussed what they believe everyone should do at least once in their life. Let’s take a look.

1. Get ‘er done!

“Starting a rather big and meaningful project and completing it.

I went through hell and high water for my town to build a disc golf coarse. Like fr I didn’t think I would win but I was persistent and eventually very successful. From that moment on something just clicked for me.

I got my life together and everything. Kinda wild what a project can do to someone.”

2. Could happen…

“I am not a vain person at all but once I was in a situation where I walked into a room and everyone looked at me in admiration.

I very much doubt it will ever happen again, but boy it was a rush.”

3. Winter wonderland.

“Experiencing snow.

I’m from a tropical country, so it has been a dream since childhood to experience making a snowman or be in a snowball fight.”

4. Total eclipse.

“A total solar eclipse.

To see a black hole in the sky where the sun used to be, with stars all around it in the middle of the day, is an unbelievable experience.”

5. Life-changing experience.

“I was held hostage by car bomb for about 14 hours once by a man who went AWOL from the special forces. I sat within feet of him the entire time the bomb was dismantled and then had to treat him as a medical provider.

At first, it was just terror. I had small children at home, a wife to go home to. But after the initial adrenaline wore off, it was very freeing. I could die at any moment and there was nothing I could do about it.

And, while thats an almost certainty for all of us, its usually not something so surreal and in the forefront of our minds. I wasn’t worried about my student loans or the rent or my credit card payment or the car loan… none of it. I took a nap for a bit.

Everyone should get to feel like that. Maybe we would all slow down and just give each other a break.”

6. Do it alone.

“Solo travel.

I am a woman, please do not discourage yourself from solo travel as a woman.

Just research a bit before you go, it’s very common for women to solo travel.”

7. Your body is a temple.

“The best physical shape you can possibly be in.

I’ve always hated exercise, but – about 7 years ago, I wanted to impress a guy I was seeing, and started training for a 5K.

I was running 9 miles a week and was in the best shape of my life – I looked SO GOOD in a bikini. But it didn’t last long (the relationship or the running. I hate running).”

8. Feels good.

“Helping a stranger who needs help.

No video, no pictures, no expectation of a reward.

Just knowing that you did something for someone who was in need and you helped them out.”

9. Powder!

“Skiing powder snow.

Did that for the first time this year about a month ago.

It’s so fun it’s ridiculous.”

10. On your own.

“Living by yourself, being single.

It’s freeing for some, scary for others, but I think it helps you realize who you are and what you want.”

11. Yes!

“Learning an instrument to the point that you can meaningfully express yourself with it.”

12. Wonderful.

“The Grand Canyon.

I talk to so many people who have never been and are seemingly uninterested…and I’m like, you know it’s not just “a big hole in the ground”, right?

It’s literally breathtaking. It messes with your preconceived proportions of how big Earth actually is.

They call it Grand for a reason. You should definitely go at least once.”

13. Live and learn.

“Have your heart broken.

You’ll be surprised on how much you learn about yourself during this time period.

You realize and self reflect on what you need to do and mature from it.”

What do YOU think everyone should experience at least once in their lives?

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