What Should You Keep Secret From Your Partner No Matter How Healthy Your Relationship Is? People Responded.

Some things are just better left unsaid…or maybe even kept in the dark FOREVER.

I’m specifically talking about the secrets that some people keep from their partners.

What are things that should be kept from your significant other no matter what?

Check out how AskReddit users responded to that question.

1. Don’t doubt them.

“Doubts about their capabilities, if they have none themselves.

My boyfriend is a go-getter, who is super-enthusiastic and optimistic. I’m more analytical and cautious, but he doesn’t need me to inject an element of doubt into things.

Yes, I’ll do anything to protect him, and I’ve been there for him when he has fallen in the past. But no, I won’t tell him if I doubt he’ll succeed at something he is attempting.

I’ll back him all the way, right or wrong.”

2. Confidential.

“Confidential work-related things that I’m legally not supposed to tell anyone outside of the project/case.”

3. Not worth it.

“What things people have said or say behind their back.

It could crush them and you should not hurt them like that.”

4. Privacy.

“Their mail and packages.

It doesn’t matter if it’s junk mail or that Amazon shipment of soap. If it’s addressed to her, you don’t open it unless she explicitly says so.

It’s not that the package itself matters as much as the fact that you are showing that you respect her privacy.”

5. No way!

“Sharing your body count numbers. Nothing good ever comes out of that.

We obviously both f**ked people before we met, I don’t need/want to know how many.”

6. Your business.


I’ve been going to therapy on a regular basis for over a year now. My husband never asks me what was said at the sessions.

Sometimes I will bring things to him… but he never asks me to tell him. It’s nice having a space to share my thoughts and feelings with somebody else.”

7. Keep it to yourself.

“After you live with a person for a while, you get a feel for what gives them anxiety.

So if a problem comes up that happens to give your SO anxiety and you quietly solve it, keep to yourself.

Even if you want that credit.

It’s not worth generating anxiety in your partner for something that’s effectively over.”

8. It’s the past.

“Don’t dwell on ex stuff.

Don’t start sentences with… “My ex …”. Nobody wants to hear it. If your SO asks a question like “How long did your longest relationship last?”, it’s fine to answer but no extra details.

Say something like, “________ (honest answer) years. And you?” You’re starting fresh, this is your new SO… past relationships are over.”

9. Bad idea.

“You shouldn’t tell your partner that you planned to abandon them while you were having an exacerbation of your depression.

My husband told me once that when he was very depressed he planned to leave in the night and drive to another random state and never tell me anything. He honestly felt that would be better for me apparently.

He says I shouldn’t feel any type of way about it because he was sick.

I say how can I depend on you as a partner knowing this. This is something you tell a therapist. Now I have a partner who might just get sad one day and decide he should punish himself by disappearing and I’d be completely f**ked.”

10. Off-limits.

“My overseas deployments. My fiancée wasn’t born in the US and as a result she wasn’t all too knowledgeable on the wars the US had been fighting in since 2001.

She once innocently asked me if I ever killed anyone and I told her that questions regarding that time in my life are off limits, I don’t want to talk about it or tell anyone about it. I’m not ready to dig that up again and have her potentially see me as a whole different person.

Somethings are best left unsaid and in the past. I’ll tell her funny and stupid stories about my military service but that’s as far as I’ll probably ever go.”

11. Don’t you dare…

“Being completely honest about your SO appearance.

Even though you think sie is the most beautiful person you’ve ever met, there’s still gonna be things you dislike.

Don’t mention or focus on it. No one is perfect.”

12. How interesting!

“My girl loves to talk about astrology.

Like I think it’s birthday r**ism, but I’m never gonna tell her it bores the s**t out of me. She likes it, I’ll let her go on and on, about it, and I just zone out.

Hit em with the “oh really” “huh I didn’t know that” “oh word” etc.”

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