What Should You Never Do in the United States? Here’s What People Said.

I think the responses you’re about to read below will be informative and helpful to both people who are visiting our fine country…and some folks who live here and need to be reminded of how things work.

So let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think you should never do in the United States.

Start now!

1. Don’t do it.

“Don’t ever get a payday loan.

I imagine we will need some celebrity’s child to suffer from them to bring enough attention to lawmakers at this rate.”

2. Definitely.

“If a cop pulls you over don’t get out of the car, place your hands on the wheel and wait they will come to you.”

3. You never know…

“Do not trespass onto other people’s land and don’t engage in road rage.

Both are higher stakes than you probably think…”

4. Terrible idea.

“Wear Blackface.

I know this seems obvious, but it’s often much less offensive in a lot of other countries, but Absolutely do not do it here.

You can look up the history of slavery, minstrel shows and the banjo if you are wondering why.”

5. Safety first.

“Don’t swim in the ocean without a lifeguard present If you aren’t from a country with a lot of beaches.

You won’t be able to recognize rip currents, jellyfish, or sharks feeding on a school of fish near the shore break.”

6. Good times!

“Don’t miss the opportunity to go to a Western bar, or listen to some country music.

Not everyone likes it, but it’s some very traditional American culture.”

7. Looks horrible.

“Go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

The experience is not worth it.

It’s romanticized for some reason.”

8. Go for the good stuff.

“Don’t order a cheap beer here unless you want it to be very “watered down”.

Craft beer is the closest to what most people drink elsewhere, and we drink our beer cold.”

9. Friendly folks.

“Don’t get weird when random people wanna talk to you/smile/interact.

It’s totally normal here.

I talk to strangers all the time at the dog park/while waiting for things.”

10. Lots of land.

“America is HUGE.

Don’t expect to drive across the country in a short amount of time. It takes several days to go from coast to coast.

LA to New York non stop is 41 hours by car.”

11. You’ll get busted.

“Fly with marijuana.

It might be legal in the state you’re in, it might be legal in the state you’re going to, but it’s illegal in the airports because those are under federal jurisdiction and it’s still not legal federally.”

12. If you’re going to Texas.

“In Texas – NEVER trespass into other’s property after dark.

The owners can legally shoot and k**l you as they can state that they thought their life was in danger and the police won’t even question them, as after dark it’s impossible to prove otherwise.”

What do you think people should never do in the U.S.?

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