13 People People Talk About “The Incident” at Their High Schools

When I was a Freshman in high school, a fight broke out in a hallway, it got out of hand, and a kid got s**bbed in the stomach.

It was pretty crazy!

The kid ended up being okay, but that was the big incident in my school that people talked about for a long time.

AskReddit users shared the scandalous stories that rocked their schools. Take a look.

1. Off-limits.

“When I was a sophomore, it was known around campus that a specific set of lockers that was between the campus and football field was off-limits, because over summer break some kids blew the door off a locker with a dry ice bomb in a Propel bottle (shrapnel!).

Two years into my relationship with my (now) husband, he starts telling a very familiar story and I realized he was the fabled dry ice bomber my school had been talking about for the past 7 years.”

2. Extremely detailed.

“Someone drew a 25 foot d((k and balls on two of the bathroom walls ji**ing across the remaining two walls.

It was found first thing on a Monday morning and was EXTREMELY detailed.

Someone spent hours on this, meaning they snuck into the school over the weekend for their “art project”.”

3. Wow.

“Somebody attempted to burn down the school but only half succeeded.

They had to demolish the old part of the school where the fire was started and rebuild an entire new wing.

Bright side was we got the first 25 meter pool in the county.”

4. Bump and grind.

“In an effort to crack down on grinding at mixers and dances, the principle did a school wide PSA about it.

Apparently a common excuse students gave to avoid getting in trouble for it was that, while they may have heard that grinding was against the rules, they didn’t know what grinding meant.

So he described it, in detail. Then at the end of the PSA, he said that any student who still did not understand could come down to his office where he would use dolls (he held them up so we could see) to demonstrate the prohibited behavior.

Hundreds of students lined up outside his office. The hallway was utterly impassable for the rest of the day, and students refused to be shepherded to class by staff because “the principle said he would show us how to grind.” Teachers joined the line.

His idea to fix this was to announce that he was canceling the in-office offer, and instead, we could attend an optional auditorium demonstration after school that day.

The auditorium had never been more full. After-school groups postponed activities, even the teachers in charge of them just sort of got out of the way and let it happen. Kids called/texted their parents and told them they “had to” attend and would need to be picked up later.

Busses were delayed, screwing up the bussing schedule.

It was a train wreck.

He did the demo.

He got fired like almost immediately.

We later found out that he was very unpopular among the staff at that school, and a lot of teachers sort of went out of their way to help the train wreck pile up as badly as possible.

He really has no one to blame but himself though.”

5. The discovery.

“Middle school. A student found a nude pic of a teacher in a biker magazine.

Copies went everywhere.

She disappeared. Still feel bad for her.”

6. Horndog High.

“In freshman year two female teachers were caught half naked and making out in an upstairs classroom by a janitor while a school play was happening downstairs in the auditorium. Both who are married with kids were fired.

They then sued and got their jobs back 4 years later. Perfectly timed their return as they waited for all the kids who were at the school at that time to graduate so no one would remember or talk about it.

And within the next handful of years a few more teachers in the same school were caught having inappropriate relationships with some of the students. The school has been nicknamed “Horndog High” by the media for obvious reasons.”

7. Blew it.

“Some kid s**t his pants and threw up while we were doing a couple miles run.

Worst part is the closest person to him when it happened was his crush.”

8. The bomb.

“When I was a sophomore, a guy asked a girl to prom by getting on stage wearing a paintball vest with red paper rolled into tubes stuffed in it, to make it look like he had bombs strapped to his chest.

He held a sign that said “______ I’m kind of the bomb, will you be my date to prom.” She said yes, he was suspended and not allowed to go to prom, and she went with someone else lol

It made news, which was just amazing since this was a small town.”

9. Dedicated.

“For spirit week we had “Dress like a historical figure” day.

One of my buddies is Iranian/Saudi and he had the bright idea to dress as Osama Bin Laden. This was in June of 2011 less than a month after they k**led him. He got his picture taken by the history teacher and was sent home to change.

The next day was throwback Thursday and he dressed as a giant sperm. Dude was dedicated to his costumes.”

10. Just like a movie.

“A few kids broke into the high school to steal test scores for the SAT just like that stoner movie.

They got caught and expelled. One was my friend’s brother.”

11. Scary.

“Person broke into the school with a shotg**.

No students were in the classroom at the time because it was lunch. Of all people, our old, nerdy, social studies teacher wrestled the gun away and subdued the perp. We were all stunned. This man wore a suit and tie every day. EVERY day.

This was in the mid ’90s at a poor black school and the teacher was an old white man. We gave him so much respect after that. It was all over the news.”

12. Send nudes.

“Teacher (female) got fired and went to court for sending a nude to a student (male).

The thing was though it was the student who took her phone, found the nude in her gallery, and then sent it to himself.

His mom found out about it somehow.”

13. Suspended!

“When I was a freshman (2004ish?) two Senior boys snuck in to the school overnight and painted giant, c**ming d**ks in every mouth of our mascot’s image.

Like every sign outside, every hallway, the gym, the cafeteria…anywhere there was a panther image…just sucking GIANT d**ks.

They also painted a d**k on the Assistant Principal’s car. This was way before that Netflix movie came out, but it revived quite the memories on Facebook.. They were ultimately suspended and couldn’t walk at graduation.”

What was the scandal that rocked your high school?

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