Women, What’s a Surprising Fact You’ve Learned About Men? Here’s What Ladies Had to Say.

It’s always great to learn things about the opposite s**, don’t you think?

And you never know what you’ll find out!

So let’s hear from women on AskReddit about what they’ve learned about men over the years.

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1. Definitely.

“That men rarely ever receive compliments in their lives.

I purposely go out of my way to express even the smallest compliments in case they haven’t heard one for a long time.”

2. Accepting.

“That they are not criticizing women’s bodies as much as women are led to believe (maybe by themselves or whomever is driving this culture).

They are far more acceptant of how women look like naturally than women themselves. This was such a game changer for me.”

3. Just like cats.

“They love curling up like balls and just want head scratches sometimes.

Maybe men arent so scary.”

4. Big and strong.

“The fact that men really are physically stronger.

I always assumed this was purely based on size but I’m a woman who works out every day (lifts weights, yoga, jogging/peloton.) My older brother doesn’t exercise outside of an occasional hike.

He’s 4inches taller than me and 10 lbs lighter than I am (I’m a dress size 0 or 2.) He’s faster than me on a hike (including backpacking) and can lift up heavier things. It makes me SO angry.”

5. It’s true!

“When they say they don’t know why they feel a certain way they ACTUALLY don’t know.

I find it totally crazy.”

6. A hard time with it.

“Sometimes they don’t know how to express their feelings. They will love you so much but won’t be able to show it.

And even when they do, their efforts don’t feel enough to us as females because ofcourse we have higher expectations, but it doesn’t mean they don’t love us. They might be trying their best to be what we want.”

7. That’s good.

“You guys really can love and be faithful

Considering the environment I grew up in, that’s surprising.”

8. That’s great!

“Bros don’t care what other bros do for work.

One could be a janitor and one could be a senator and they would see one another on the same level.

It’s a beautiful thing.”

9. Surprised.

“I grew up thinking men were generally builders, fixers and machine minded.

When something broke at home, Pop or Dad would always fix it. Dad taught me how to service my car (back when you could do that). Pop and Dad put up a fence and concreted the driveway. Dad built my aviary. Dad painted the house, patched the walls, fixed the washing machine, showed me how to change a washer in the sink, endless list.

Pop or Dad would fix everything. I started dating and guys were doing up their cars on their own, building sub woofer kits from jaycar, always making, fixing or building.

Started dating again in my 30s, I was showing guys how to change lightbulbs. I’ve shown my nephews how to change a tire and do an oil change.

I honestly thought guys just ‘knew’ this stuff, sort of how women just ‘know’ babies. Turns out it was learned, and when a Pop, Dad or Uncle isn’t around to teach them, they don’t just ‘know’ the difference between a spanner and screwdriver. I’m ashamed to say, it surprised me. Also, it was a bit of a double standard on my end.”

10. Come as you are.

“There are a lot of men who like or even prefer my chubby body.

I’ve always thought I needed to be skinny to be attractive.”

11. Anger.

“This is not all men, but a lot of men have not been socially conditioned to know how to process or express negative emotions.

And many times it comes out as anger.”

12. Open up.

“That a lot of them are afraid to open up, to cry and actually NEED someone.

Society has made it so unacceptable for men to be what we somehow deem as weak, while women expect them to be warm and sympathetic to every little problem we have.

It’s a lot of pressure. Let the men in your lives know it’s ok to FEEL like really feel emotions other than “s** is good”, “me want meat”, “boobs”, “make me sandwich”.”

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