What Simple Things Can You Do to Make Yourself Attractive? Here’s What People Said.

Hey, I can use all the help I can get!

And that’s why I’m excited to dig into these tips about simple things we all can do to be more attractive.

Take a look at these tips from AskReddit users and see if you agree with them!

1. Cut your losses.

“A bald head is much more attractive than a huge receding hairline.

Sometimes it’s better to literally cut your losses.”

2. Stand up straight.

“Good posture.

This is why you need to strengthen your back muscles so that good posture is natural.”

3. Good tips.

“In my experience, people have always responded well to a nice smile, good posture, and being kind.

Not trying too hard when you’re around somebody you’re interested in, instead just staying calm and enjoying yourself.

People can really pick up on your calm and confidence and find it attractive.”

4. Be yourself.

“Being “natural”.

Gosh, nothing annoys me more than people who completely change the way they behave and try to one-up everyone as soon as they feel or fear the smallest amount of competition.”

5. If it fits…

“Clothing that fits. I can’t stress this enough.

You don’t need name brands or flashy clothes. A solid color t shirt and jeans that fit properly will get you somewhere.”

6. Be kind.

“Being kind and being attentive.

Genuine interest in another person is very simple and incredibly rare.

Also, having a great sense of humor.”

7. Absolutely.

“Brush your teeth. Twice a day. Floss, too.

Check in with your dentist once in a while. Clean healthy teeth are fantastic.”

8. Yes!

“Proper hygiene and grooming. Unkempt neck beard and 3 day old sweat stink is a terrible look. Shower regularly!

Get your hair cut by someone that knows what they’re doing and make your beard look like you did it on purpose.”

9. You got this.

“Calm and confident.

Nothing is hotter than being self assured.”

10. Interesting.

“What I did was to stop giving a f**k if someone finds me attractive or not. I remember up until a few years ago I used to get incredibly self-conscious when I would pass by girls or talk to my female classmates.

It was always “Omg I hope she didn’t see that pimple on my forehead” or “I have to pretend to be a normal person so she doesn’t find me off putting”.

That was a stressful existence. Realized I have to learn to stop caring too much about other people’s opinion of me. Took a while but d**n the peace it brought me is so invaluable. And instead of me pretending to be normal, I actually found quite a few girls who were as quirky and weird as me (one of them would end up as my ex).

This doesn’t mean don’t work on yourself. Try to be better, definitely improve yourself, but if you’re too scared or nervous and under-confident in yourself while talking to girls, chances are they would notice it.”

11. As easy as that.

“Talk. Less.

Smile. More.”

12. Good point.

“Despite allllll these posts about hygiene, you can still be ugly, dirty and unpleasant on the inside.

So check your attitude. That is the most simple thing anyone can do.”




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