What Small Things Scream “I’m Rich”? People Responded.

I haven’t met very many people who have a ton of money, but I have noticed one thing about the ones who I have met: they didn’t “look” rich at all and they actually dressed kind of shabbily.

At least the ones I met…I guess they didn’t want people to know they were wealthy, or something…

Folks took to AskReddit to talk about what they think screams “I’m rich.”

Let’s have a look.

1. Time is money.

“Spend money if it saves you time.

Time is more valuable than money.”

2. Who is that?

“Dressing like a hobo inside exclusive clubs and be served as the most important person there.”

3. Didn’t notice.

“Not noticing you haven’t been paid in two months.

I work with some people that make $20k a month. We had one say in March they didn’t think they’d been paid since December.

Sure enough two months didn’t pay out for some reason. He wasn’t even mad and just kind of mentioned it like he was talking about the weather.

If I miss a paycheck I’d notice on payday.”

4. The types.

“There’s honestly “types” or “cliques” of uber rich people I’ve seen.

There’s the Bill Gates type that wear t-shirts and jeans because they literally could not be bothered to care about fashion.

There’s the ones that REALLY care about fashion but only care about brands most normal people won’t ever see in a store, no Gucci or Prada or Fendi.

Then there’s the ones that are all about boutique style fashion where something doesn’t particularly look expensive or have a name brand associated with it but is still like $400 for a sweater.

I haven’t met many rich people but the few I do know are big into finding expensive clothes at small stores.”

5. Totally chill.

“The only real tell is the air of total chill he has.

He’s not worried about much.

Money insulates you from really a lot of stress.”

6. The little stuff.

“They will never complain about the cost of something but will nit-pik the quality of work to d**th.”

7. No big deal.

“I was at a really posh restaurant (you know the kind where there are about 8 pieces of silverware?) we had saved up for months and a group of 8 of girls (nurses and CNA’s) went out.

One of the recently divorced nurses was flirting with a guy at the next table.

When we got our checks he leaned over and tossed his platinum card on the “I got this”. Like combined our tab was easily at least $1,000.”

8. A lot of trash.

“I lived in lower middle class neighborhood after getting married.

There was one house in the neighborhood that was much bigger, had a pool, new cars every year but what drove me crazy was every week this family of 4 put 7 or 8 garbage cans at the curb.

Most families had one maybe 2. How much s**t are they buying to generate all that trash?”

9. We all have one, right?

“I once vaguely knew a family who were very rich. Even the kids had bodyguards (kidnap-ransom risk).

When I stayed at their home for a weekend on a visit, the father casually mentioned not to push a certain button in the room, when I asked what it did out of interest he explained off-hand that it was a panic button to alert security and bodyguards in the grounds, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

They were impeccably polite with me but I felt like Oliver Twist wandering into the wrong home.”

10. Plain clothes.

“Working at a luxury resort, one thing I’ve noticed is that the people who want to give the air of being very wealthy will have lots of designer patterns on their clothes and accessories, like Louis Vuitton print, but almost all of the truly ridiculously wealthy people will basically wear nondescript leisure wear and really plain looking clothes (like plain jeans and tees with no logos).”

11. It’s true.

“Buying art.

Tons of people buy things that are generally outside their means but I don’t think you’re gonna see many middle class or poorer walking out of a gallery with an actual purchase.”

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