What Strange Things Did You Believe as a Kid? Here’s How People Responded.

Do you ever look back on your childhood and think to yourself…I was pretty dumb and believed a lot of really stupid things?

Hey, don’t feel so bad about it! We all did it to some degree!

And that’s why it’s good to reflect on those times when we’re older so we can have a few laughs about them. Let’s see what folks had to say about this.

1. Time to move…

To the Honey Moon.

2. I wish this was true.

Lemme see that tree!

3. He’s in there somewhere.

But be sure to toss them up there.

4. Here on Sesame Street.

I like the second one, too!

5. You may all depart now.

Only if your last name is Christie…

6. I did, too!

Oh, to be young again…

7. They were putting on a show for you.

Weren’t you special?!?!

8. Those are the rules.

Are you better abide by them!

9. If only this were true…

Wouldn’t that be nice?

10. Be careful out there.

You don’t want to fall off the planet, do you?

11. That is disappointing.

Too bad!

12. Just like Peter Pan.

It’s alive!

Okay, friends, now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, sound off and tell us about the strange things that you believed when you were a kid.

Please and thank you!