What Street Smarts Should Everyone Know? People Shared Their Advice.

It’s a fact of life that bad things can and do happen anywhere and everywhere.

Big cities, small towns, out in the country in the middle of nowhere: you have to keep your wits about you or else you could be taken advantage of or find yourself in a situation that could be dangerous.

So it’s important to know some basic street smarts no matter where you live or how old you are.

AskReddit users talked about the street smarts that they think all people should know. Let’s take a look.

1. Keep your eyes open.

“Situational awareness would probably be the biggest thing I’d stress to people.

These days everyone’s so buried in their phones, they don’t pay attention.”

2. Control the situation.

“If you can, control the situation. Your gut instincts are often right, and when they’re telling you to leave, you should.

Sometimes people prevent that from happening, but as a general rule I try to control the situation by LEAVING.

I’ll try again and again.”

3. Watch the cars.

“I grew up in a a pretty rough neighborhood in Chicago and probably the best thing you should do when walking by yourself at night is pay attention to every car.

Usually they’ll drive past you and scope you out, if you look like a target you’ll see that car again, or they’ll meet u farther down your path while you’re walking past an alley.

Always be ready for something when walking past an alley and stay close to the houses, that way if anything’s suspicious, you can run into a backyard.”

4. Trap house.

“If there is one house that looks occupied on a mostly empty street with burnt down houses……that’s a trap house.”

5. In charge.

“Walk with a purpose.

Act like you belong and you’re 100% in charge of yourself.

This will probably keep you out of trouble 99% of the time.”

6. Scammers everywhere.

“Before using any ATM, tug hard on the plastic card reader.

Scammers often put a fake one on top that steals your info.”

7. Look for landmarks.

“When walking in an unfamiliar city…or trail, look back regularly.

It will help you to remember landmarks that will guide you back home.”

8. Gotta be ready for that.

“If you are in any sort of confrontation and someone balls their fist and looks away for a second, or even just looks away for a second, you should be prepared for the possibility of a sucker punch.”

9. For the kids.

“Street smarts to give your kids: if you get lost, find the the closest adult with kids.

I saw this in action once at Disneyland when a 4 year old kid approached me and my kiddos while we were eating. She joined us very calmly, introduced herself, and said her parents gave her the above advice.

I heard her parents shouting her name not long after, and the relief on their faces was a sight.”

10. Be wary of this.

“Never drink/ do drugs in situations you don’t know about.

Could be someone spikes it, takes advantage by robbing, rape, kidnapping whatever it is.

Always be paying attention.”

11. TRUTH.

“Nobody approaches you on the street because they want to do something for you.

It’s always because they want something from you.”

12. Down on the ground.

“If a group of people suddenly get down, so do you.

I was walking in North Minneapolis omw to the gas station with my head phones in. Pretty busy main street that runs through it (Lowry). I’m listening to music and I noticed everyone just dropped at the ground.

I had no idea what the f*** was going on so I was looking around, why is everybody on the ground. Me not putting two and two together. Someone had just did a drive by on another car about 200 feet up the street. Real scary sh*t.”

13. NO.

“Every answer on the street in a not-so-nice area is NO.

“Hey can i have a cigarette?” No

“Hey you got the time?” No

“Hey can i borrow your phone to make a call?” No.”

Stick-up men wanna see your hands. If they can see your hands, they know you don’t have a weapon and will be easier to rob.

How about you?

What are some street smarts you think everyone should know?

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