What Surprised No One When It Failed? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Things come and go but sometimes it’s not a big shocker when certain stuff fails.

You know what I’m saying?

What surprised absolutely no one when it failed?

Let’s check out what AskReddit users had to say about this?

1. Had to have been Florida.

“When that guy in Florida (I think that’s where it was) tried to walk across the ocean in his home made floating hamster ball and was marooned at sea.”

2. Go figure.

“Taco Bell in Mexico.

I listened to an interesting podcast sort of about this. Deported Mexicans that spent a lot of time in the US speak very good “American English” so are hired into call centers in Mexico.

What they missed about the US? Taco Bell- reminded them of American food.”

3. On fire.

“Amazon’s Fire Phone.

Got one for free when Amazon gave one to everyone that showed up to the phone dev session at their Re:Invent conference.

Sold it on eBay as soon as I got home. Made like $200, so I loved it.”

4. A major BOMB.

“The movie, CATS.

With every trailer, everyone commented how much a trainwreck it looked like it was going to be. Sure, some people thought it would be in the “so bad it’s good” fun stage.

But, nope. It’s just bad. When it failed at the box office, no one was surprised.”

5. Just say no.

“Anytime a friend, coworker, or family member invites you to their MLM party.

“Yes, Molly, I’m sure this will be like a full time income where you set your own hours. People will be clamoring to buy overpriced kitchen gadgets from you that they can get on amazon.””

6. You think?

“After Greg Allman was married for a 7th time, he is quoted as saying, “I’m beginning to think its me.””

7. Pretty wild.

“Prohibition in the U.S.

Kind of incredible that this was something that happened in the last 100 years.”

8. The friendly skies.

“Hooters Airlines.

Just imagine if that was launched today…”

9. Welcome to America.

“When the hitchhiker robot went coast to coast in Canada and was then m**dered in less than an hour in America.”

10. Bad move.

“That guy who tried to travel to the North Sentinel Islands in the hopes of converting its inhabitants to Christianity.

For context, the inhabitants of North Sentinel Islands kill anyone who tries to approach with bows and arrows, and nothing is off limits, even aircrafts.”

11. Big shocker.

“Me when I was rejected from university

My dad literally just told me: “anyways, get up early tomorrow, you gotta wo work”.”

12. Remember this one?


Came here to say movie pass. $9 a month to see one movie in a theater every day. After using the card to see 80 movies for $60, we wondered how they are making money.

They must have a plan, we thought. They didn’t.”

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