What Topics Make You Want to Say, “Ugh, Be Quiet!” People Shared Their Thoughts.

The possibilities might be endless for this question because we’re all so different.

But that’s what makes the world go ’round, friends! Different strokes for different folks!

Still…we all have things we just don’t ever want to hear about in conversation…

What makes you want to say “shut up!” to people?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Sounds like a blast.

“My neighbor will not speak to me unless he is explaining the history of the state of Louisiana in its entirety.

Boiled shrimp, baked shrimp, shrimp and potatoes….”

2. Preach!

“Social media influencers.

I’m not even sure what they’re supposed to be influencing. I only ever see them hawking cosmetics or some diet thing, but that’s it. I never see them pushing something that would be actually influential in my life.

So either they’re all pretty much useless, or the algorithms on social media aren’t spying on me enough.”

3. No thank you.

“Multi-level marketing boss babes and their “sales” pitches.

You sound anxious, honey.

I got some special shake powder that’ll make you feel much better! PM me for details!”

4. That’s enough.

“”In these trying times we al-”

No. Shut up. Just shut the f**k up.

I do not want to hear it.”

5. Pipe down!

“I used to be a divorce lawyer, which of course makes people think I want to hear horror stories about their exes.

It happens when I’m not even at work, often when I’m at a party, or out in public.”

6. One uppers.

“When I’m talking about something I’ve done or bought and the other person has to try and one-up you constantly.

I have recently started replying with ‘of course you have” if they start bragging about something they have done or own that is soooo much better than my example.

Usually these people don’t quite get the sarcasm.”

7. I’ll tell you why…

“If someone goes “WHY AREN’T WE TALKING ABOUT THIS?” I just naturally assume now that the topic they are referring to is extremely specific to their life and in no way impacts me.”

8. Been around forever.

“Celebrity BS.

It’s weird people care what complete strangers are doing with their life when they couldn’t care less of yours and who you personally are.

Stalkerish behavior, IMO.”

9. Just theories.

“When my students start rambling about whatever half-baked, crack-pot half-truths of history that they got from FB/Twitter/whatever, that they believe is the gospel truth.”

10. Get over it.

“When friends from high school bring up drama from high school.

Graduation was 10 years go, sis.”

11. I’m with you on this one.

“Harry & Meghan.

Anything about the “royal family” frankly.”

12. Let’s not.

“I majored in political science and trust me, this is almost always my response when someone wants to “talk politics” with me. The vast majority of the time talking politics just involves hearing someone recite to me the talking points they heard from their favorite media personality.

And it is rarely a honest dialogue. In most political conversations people are just thinking about how they are going to counter what the other person is saying. There is rarely an attempt to actually listen and understand where the other person is coming from to reach a consensus, it is often just a quarrel that feeds on itself ad infinitum.”

13. Don’t bring that in here.

“Drama at work.

Honestly I dont give a s**t how or why person A doesn’t get along with person B because person C has done or said something.

STFU its a job, grow up and start doing what you are paid to do. Outside of work you can beat each other up all you want.”

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