What TV Show Had the Perfect Ending? Let’s See What People Had to Say.

Whenever this topic comes up, I feel like a lot of older folks always point to MASH as having the best ending of all time.

I wouldn’t know because I never watched it, but I guess it must’ve been pretty good if that many people refer to it during this kind of conversation.

But now I want to know what other shows ended with a bang…

What TV show had the perfect ending?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Awesome series.


The final episode was so awesomely great, even tho it was basically an hour long lecture about what happened.

I promised myself I would watch it again sometime, guess the time came.”

2. Check it out.

“Over the Garden Wall.

The ending was perfect because Wirt comes to the realization, along with Beatrice that what they both did was wrong, and they actively work to fix their mistakes, and it ends in a climatic fight where Wirt doesn’t physically fight the beast, instead rejecting the beast and finding his own path, and that path led him and his brother home.”

3. Ed, Edd and Eddy.

“I remember that final scene actually making me cry.

I grew up on the original series, remember when the new season came out with them at school, and then the finale movie.

It almost hurt to have something that was with me my entire childhood wrap up so definitively.”

4. You cried.

“The Good Place.

Pretty sure I cried.

I love it when they put the story before the ratings. There was more than enough audience to warrant another season, but they decided to plan the best ending to the story instead.

Very well done.”

5. Crazy!

“The Sopranos.

Fun fact: My dad’s friend is the guy they zoom in on at the diner.

He happened to hear about an open casting call in New York, thought, “Hey, I’ve got extra time”, the producers liked his look (he emigrated from Italy to the US in the 90s), and hired him.

He’s still known as “the guy who ‘ended’ The Sopranos”. Afterwards, he and James Gandolfini struck up a friendship and stayed in contact up until Gandolfini’s d**th.”

6. It’s all good.

“BoJack Horseman.

All the characters got conclusions that they had earned and felt deserved and natural.

Some were happy and some were bittersweet but the show was fair to all of them.”

7. Haven’t heard of this one.

“Cowboy Bebop.

This show is so good I don’t want to think about it.

It wasn’t the ending I wanted (I wanted things to end happily) but it’s the ending that show needed, it was beautiful and sad and I don’t want to think about it.”

8. Great show.

“Six Feet Under.

It was rated one of the best series finales ever.

Final episode was amazing.”

9. Unexpected.


Had such an unexpected ending.

They managed to conclude with a satisfying ending but still left the door open to a follow up.”

10. Love that song!

“Breaking Bad.

Loved the use of El Paso by Marty Robbins in the finale.”

11. Great writing.

“Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The writers wisdom and their respect for the maturity of their young audience to play sad music over the agnikai between zuko and azula impresses me every time.

It’s a huge scene that’s been built up to for two seasons but the creators want you to know it’s not a good thing that events came to this. I love it so much.”

12. A good one.

“Deep Space 9 had a really good one.

Especially if you followed the characters since season 1 and saw how they all grew and changed over the 7 seasons.”

13. Malcolm in the Middle.

“Malcolm in the Middle.

The amount of planning and work Lois did to get Malcolm to the finish line is astounding.

We need more moms like her.”

14. Satisfying.

“Mad Men.

It’s really subtle but really nicely wraps up Don’s development as a character and even how American culture changed with the times.

Super satisfying.”

What TV show do you think had the perfect ending?

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