What Was Once All the Rage on the Internet That Is Now Forgotten? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Do people still like to play games online like Farmville and Candy Crush and stuff like that?

It seemed like everyone was all about those games for a while…but I haven’t heard anything lately…

Speaking of that, let’s hear from people on AskReddit about what used to be HUGE on the Internet and is now forgotten.

1. Do you remember?

“Club Penguin.

Younger than my generation but all the early teens/preteens were obsessed.”

2. It was a big deal.


Tom really took his money and is now living his best life.

Good for him.”

3. Where it started.

“Something Awful forums.

So many things still referenced today started there.”

4. Good times!

“Downloading custom cursors for your computer.

I gave my family computer viruses back in the 2000s trying to click things with a lightsaber.”

5. Influential.


That was probably the most influential thing of my childhood, finding out about Newgrounds in 2002-2003ish and holy f**k that was a lot of stimulation for a preteen. In many ways.”

6. Let’s chat.

“Chat rooms.

Everyone belonged to local chat rooms in the ’90s. We even made friends and met up in real life for drinks and concerts.

It was great because you knew your identity would eventually be revealed so you conducted yourself with respect for others. Sigh…When the internet was wholesome.”

7. Hmmmm…

“Ate My Balls.

Late 90’s / early 00’s it was all the rage, and was basically just pictures of famous TV shows, movies, celebrities etc. with crudely drawn (usually in Paint) t**ticles near their mouths with the “Star Trek Ate my Balls” captions.”

8. The ring.

“Web rings.

For those unfamiliar, it was a little scrap of HTML you’d throw on your s**tty geocities/tripod/angelfire page that would put you in a “ring” with other websites, according a theme. Like, maybe a webring for NKOTB fan sites or one for horror movie lovers.

It would display the name of the webring and have links to go to the previous or next site in the ring. The idea being it allowed people to browse through similar sites, and gave site owners a way to get some eyeballs.”

9. All bacon, all the time.

“Bacon. I remember like 5 or 6 years ago, people were just obsessed.

So weird… I feel like pizza is the new bacon on the internet now.”

10. Can’t recall this one…

“The Blue Golden Dress.

Loved this one. I emailed it to my work team thinking we could have a little giggle over how ppl thought it was white gold and were obviously wrong.

Instead it caused absolute dissent and they emailed it to other teams and then someone made a poll which, amazingly, seemed to get stuck at 50% for each side of the argument.

It got to a point where upper management had to step in and tell ppl to stop talking about the dress.”

11. Not really a good thing.

“The site Hot or Not was where my lack of self-confidence began.

Then again, I was like 13 and looked like the human form of a trapper keeper.”

12. Used to be fun.

“Snopes used to be a fun site kind of like TVTropes for urban legends glurge and stuff like that.

Now it’s just a political “disinformation” site primarily. Last time I was there it seemed to have shifted entirely to that as a priority—-I’m sure the old collections are still there, but…”

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