What Was Ruined Because Too Many People Started Doing It? Here’s What People Said.

I did it before it was cool

You’ve probably heard someone say that before, right?

But sometimes those folks are right!

Because certain things can get ruined if EVERYONE starts doing it.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about this

1. Yup.

“AirBnB was such a great idea until investors ruined it by buying properties just for the sake of short-term renting.

Now entire neighborhoods have been gutted, & residential life has been ruined for so many people.”

2. Tourist trap.

“Apple picking.

Orchards used to involve parking on a dirt lot, climbing trees to get the best fruit, and paying per bag. Visiting a farm. That’s it.

Now there’s ADMISSION, paid parking, hay rides, food stands, live music, photo taking areas, etc.

Feels like a tourist trap. Because it is.”

3. Too many now.

“Writing children’s books.

Used to be an art form, now every celebrity has written one.”

4. The big climb.

“Climbing Mount Everest.

It used to be about accomplishing a truly formidable challenge.

Now it’s just a contest for rich people with too much money to burn, not enough respect for nature, and insufficient climbing skills.”

5. The old days.

“Streaming services.

I miss the days of one single service: Netflix. Now every studio has its own service and holds their stuff away from services like Netflix and Hulu.

Direct consequence: too many subscriptions! At this point it’s more economical to buy stuff you want to watch.”

6. True!

“The house flipping trend has certainly not helped home affordability.

It’s good to make an junk house habitable again, it’s not good to turn a $220k house into a $350k house.”

7. Swamped.

“Whatever the hot new tourism spot is.

For example my grandfather used to spend weekends in Nashville when it was a more down to earth low key town.

Now it’s one of the hottest travel destinations and is just swamped everywhere.”

8. Used to be different.

“Selling on Etsy.

I worked my way through nursing school by crocheting my fingers to the bone and selling my wares on Etsy. I made a good bit of money and thoroughly enjoyed it. My little Etsy shop really took off too.

Now with the influx of drop ship people plus scammers trying to pass off their mass produced crap as handmade, a seller would never be able to find my little shop.”

9. Takes forever…

“National Parks.

Prior to like 2018, you could go to most parks without needing any hiking permits and would rarely have to wait in line.

Because of Covid, every park in the lower 48 that is easily accessible is crowded, it takes forever to get in, and you have to have permits for a lot of the best hikes.”

10. ATX.

“Austin, Texas.

Rich a**holes ruined it.

They pretty much ruin any cool artist community.”

11. Ruined by influencers.

“There’s so many things and places most people didn’t know about prior to Instagram and “influencers” visiting and taking photos there.

Think “Manhattanhenge” in NYC used to be a cool phenomenon only cared about or noticed by some but now everyone and their mother comes out lining and blocking the streets for something that was once a hey look at that that’s interesting kind of thing.

Now it’s just kind of goofy.”

12. Trashed up.

“The Appalachian Trail.

People leaving their trash everywhere is really ruining the trail and it’s so fu**ing crowded now.”

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