What’s Way Overpriced but You Still Buy It? People Responded.

Hey, there’s no use in hanging your head

We all do it…

I’m talking about things that are way overpriced that we still fork over our hard-earned dough for.

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1. Crazy.

“Razor refills.

D**n Gillette blades…”

2. Vinyl.


My latest purchase was the cheap version of Tool’s Fear Inoculum, which I bought at the exorbitant price of ~60 USD. The boxed version will set you back ~180 USD.

Not sure if records are cheaper or more expensive in other parts of the world but they sure are expensive here in Sweden.”

3. True.


It’s definitely overpriced for my budget but still worth every penny.”

4. It’s rough.

“Health insurance.

I’m self employed, I have to use the state health insurance marketplace.

It was a good deal when it was first introduced, but the health insurance lobbies have just pushed prices higher and higher and now I’m just paying a premium for being alive.”

5. What’s the point?


You pay a s**tload just to off yourself quicker.

Still dont understand why I still s**ke.”

6. That sucks.

“My rent.

My place is a total s**thole, floors aren’t even flat, bugs, paper thing walls, loud AF neighbors who never sleep, etc.

Unfortunately cheaper places are somehow even shittier in my area.”

7. Expensive.

“Gluten free bread.

My wife has celiac and it’s a real eye-opener.

It costs 4 times as much and the quality is substantially poorer than other bread, because it’s made to have wide appeal and is packed with preservatives.

We’ve resorted to baking our own, but even then it’s not great.”

8. Stay hydrated.

“Water at the airport.

$7 for 1.5L beats passing out from dehydration due to the tiny amount offered on the plane.

Also, I’m aware of refillable bottles. Not all airports have fountains that look trustworthy.”

9. Astronomically high.

“Car insurance.

Legally forced to purchase it and yet it’s still astronomically high. “Oh did your credit rise from financial troubles during the pandemic. $300 for liability coverage please” “Oh did your car model get stolen more than others last year.

Extra $100 on your premium.” “Oh did you neighbor using the same insurance company get into an accident. You’re now higher risk. $100 more a month please” “If you don’t like it, too bad. You need it to drive”.”

10. Higher and higher.

“Adobe subscription.

I need it for work and hobbies but dear God I wish they would stop upping the price.

Hell, I’m still milking out my student discount on it and it’s still almost $40 a month.”

11. You gotta see.

“Contact solution

It’s ridiculously expensive – about $140 a gallon for what’s basically just sterile water.

But I need to see so I pay it.”

12. Pretty much.

“Legit everything.

Artificial inflation is at an all time high regardless of corporate profits, it’s gross and pointless.

We live in an era of manufactured scarcity with some weird aversion to updating the infrastructure, at least in the US.

The fact that every major city in the continental US isn’t connected by train is fucking hilarious… until you realize that car companies lobbied for this.”

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