What Will End With Millennials? Here’s What People Said.

Millennials are people who were born between 1981 and 1996, so they still have a lot of living ahead of them.

But, still, have you ever thought about what will go away when all the Millennials are gone?

Check out what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Yup.

“Being able to navigate computers. Because everything is an app these days.

I always thought my advantage of “being good with computers” would fade as younger people age and enter the workforce.

Surprisingly, no.”

2. LOL.

“Articles about how Millennials ruin everything.

“Millennials are running the funeral industry, they want cheap wooden coffins or just cremation”.”

3. Crazy to think about.

“Living memory of 9/11.

For as long as I live I’ll never forget the horror of watching that all unfold in real time.

For my parents I remember my dad talking about watching the Challenger disaster live, my older sister still remembers that as well. It’s the nature of rolling live coverage now.”

4. Much different now.

“Buying weed from strangers.

These days the kids get weed from their friend’s big brother who goes to the dispensary. We met some weird guys and followed them to their houses. They always had “fire.” Every week, the weed was more fire than the last.

We didn’t know if it was indica/stativa or what the THC contents were. It was often shake or popcorn buds. But I really loved the brick weed!”

5. Bootstraps.

“I think the “bootstrap” mentality. It’s already declining in millennials but there are still plenty on the front end of the generation that still believe in working themselves to de**h and grinding 24/7.

Most on the younger side of the generation see right through it and have taken a “job is just to support my lifestyle” perspective.

Our parents still think we need to go in with our resume and demand an interview. Our kids constantly show us kids that have made it on YouTube / tiktok/whatever. We’ve seen both sides of it and we’re just not real impressed.”

6. Yup.


The kids today share everything they will even post someone else online. Millennials understand life before the internet and we see the internet as a tool. The younger generations see it as real as real life.

They have no problem signing their rights away online and posting every aspect of their life for all to see.”

7. The old days!

“Waiting by the radio for an hour for them to play your favorite song.

You had to push record at just the right moment.

Song plays! Only for the DJ to talk over the last 30 seconds.


8. I like ’em too!


Everything is online.

I like paper catalogs.”

9. Too bad.

“Attention span.

I’m an elementary music teacher and I have to teach lessons in 3-5 minute segments or they lose interest.

I’ve gotten really good at it in general music, but as far as longevity for instrument playing and practicing….that’s proving harder and harder for these kids. It’s a tad worrying, but at the same time there are still many wonderful kids who can hold attention, it’s just not the majority.”

10. Not for everyone.

“College for absolutely everybody I hope.

It’s become nearly pointless and insanely expensive to have a bachelor’s degree in most things.”

11. A sad state of affairs.

“Social mobility.

High paying positions are starting to become a matter of birthright and nepotism. As closed off as high nobility was in the Middle Ages.

The only chance anyone not born into wealth will have is becoming a viral internet content maker (basically a jester) or a fine artist (if ai doesn’t completely take that over).

I could totally see future where art pieces are named by software.”

12. Might be right.


Most people I hear from want to be cremated plus do you know how f**king expensive d**ng is?

Probably will have to pay rent on the plots by the time we all d** too.”

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