What Would Make Your Life a Little Bit Better Right Now? Here’s What People Said.

What do you think would make your life a little bit better right now?

Some more money?

A solid relationship?

A better home life?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this, and we hope we hear from you in the comments.

1. Just a bit.

“A bit of money. About $7,000.

Pay of some debt. The monthly repayments on that extra a month would make a big difference.”

2. Zzzzzzzzz.

“More sleep.

If anyone finds a solution for staying asleep more than 4-5 hours, please inform me!

Falling asleep is easy, but sleeping through the night? It’s rare.”

3. Way too far.

“A shorter commute.

Wasting two hours of my day just driving to and from work is terrible!”

4. Would be nice.

“Local friends.

I have some online/long-distance friends, who are great but they just aren’t the same as someone who is near you.”

5. Annoying.

“My tinnitus to go away.

My tinnitus is so loud I feel like it legit gives me headaches from the noise. I did recently discover good noise cancelling headphones help me a lot with it though.. not the tinnitus itself.

I can still hear that with the headphones but all the other ambient noise around me gets blocked out. Having at least the ambient noise reduced has really helped me to not want to claw my ears off.”

6. A raise.

“For the last six years of my career, i’ve advanced a lot but my salary has stayed the same. I would love to land a job double my pay right now.

That would solve basically every bit of my problems as I would be able to save half of my yearly salary per year which would be amazing since i’m fairly frugal with my money.”

7. Too bad.

“If my auras and seizures stopped flaring.

Auras are small seizures with weird warnings my body gives me right before I go full grand-mal seizure, and the auras cause a fight or flight reaction in my body that quickly sets in a senseless panic. The auras also cause certain senses to hallucinate, ESPECIALLY my sense of taste and smell.

So I end up in an extreme frightened panic, trying to lay in a “safe place”, hallucinating smells and tastes that don’t exist, attempting to brace for a full out seizure which may or may not happen.

I can deal with most of it, so even if just the fear and panic part stopped, it would improve my human experience by a lot.”

8. Anyone.

“A really good friend.

Someone that wants to spend time with me. Not like hanging out once a month, or a couple hours on discord. I would like someone in my life that actually wants to be around me, as much as I want to be around them.

Could be a friend, a lover, a family member…anyone.”

9. Can’t stop hustling.

“An extra day off would be nice.

I just found a new book i badly want to read and I keep having to put it off because… gotta hustle.”

10. Just one week.

“I’d like to not have autism for a week. Just a week will be fine. So I can know how other people feel and experience things.

This way I might be better able to explain my needs. I have no clue how other people experience a train ride or a trip to the supermarket.

How do you deal with bad news, what happens to you if your work route changed, or if the brand of cereal you always buy is out of stock?”

11. No more debt.

“Being debt free

Thank god all I have is credit card debit. Feel bad for you guys with those shit student loans.

Especially if they didn’t pay off for you with a good salary. I just work a trade job.”

12. Please reach out.

“My friends reaching out.

It’s quite the kick in the gut when you realize the people you consider friends just can’t be bothered to maintain the friendship. Realized I was the one always asking if they want to hang out or come over and they never invited me over or made plans with me.

So I thought I’d stop to see how long it would take. Despite still chatting over texts, we haven’t hung out since May this year.”

What would make your life better?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

We can’t wait to hear from you!