What Would You Do if the World Was Ending in 24 Hours? People Responded.

You’ve probably thought about this before…

What would you do if you knew the world was going to end in 24 hours?

Well, now is your chance to go on the record and tell us what you’d do!

But before you do that, check out these answers from folks on AskReddit.


“Finish my assignments.

I thrive under pressure.”

2. It depends…

“Does everyone know or just me? Because that changes things.

If everyone knows then I hunker down with my loved ones. If only I know then I go out and have a Bacchanalian gorge fest of true excess.”

3. Why not?

“Stay in my house and take a nap.

I ain’t going out where everyone is running around crazy.”

4. I like it!

“Buy hundreds of tennis balls, run into every animal shelter and let every dog out of the cage and have a massive game of fetch.”

5. Good company.

“Drive home. Hang out with my family.

Take the dogs for a nice run at the dog park and let them play until a couple hours before the end. Then go home and put on the blues brothers and reminisce with my parents about how my brother and I used to dance to the soundtrack record.

Cook some steaks for everyone, dogs included, and just enjoy the company until the end.”

6. Florida!

“I live in Florida now…

I guess at that point I can finally surrender to the Florida Man energy and just do Florida Man stuff for the whole day.

Then at the end of the day try to ride an alligator… either I d** early or d** riding an alligator.”

7. Here’s the plan.

“Well, my daughter goes to school 8 hours away.

So I guess my wife and I will have s**, then load the other two kids up, stop by and see my parents, and then we’ll head up there to where she is.

Then we’ll probably just sit somewhere and enjoy our time together.”

8. Getting sad…

“My husband and I have discussed this. We would hole up in the bedroom with a ton of snacks.

Then at hour 20, we’d take a bunch of sedatives, not enough to d** (just in case the world didn’t end) but enough to pass out in each other’s arms.

We’d sedate the dogs, too.”

9. Hit the road.

“Drive alone through Highway 1. Windows down, hair loose.

Play all my favorite music and contemplate how wonderful my life was.

Basically just take it all in and enjoy my last day of life.”

10. Precious moments.

“Spend every second with my husband and my puppy, cuddling, kissing, playing, being joyful and enjoying last precious moments together.”

11. Sorry…

“Apologize to my wife.

Try to reconcile the s**t thats brought us to the divorce we’re going through.

It all seems small and insignificant when the worlds about to end.”

12. Here you go!

“Hook up with a bunch of guys, impulse buy everything I want, eat as much junk food as I possibly can, stay up that whole 24 hours, cry because my animals will d**, and crash my truck.”

What would you do?!?!

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