What Would You Still NEVER Buy Even if You Had $10 Billion? People Responded.

You know what I’d still never buy if I suddenly had $10 billion?

A yacht!

I don’t know why, owning one of those just never appealed to me in any way…but that’s just me!

What would you never buy if you had all that cold, hard cash?

Here’s what people had to say on AskReddit.

1. Don’t do it.

“Gas station egg salad sandwich.

It’s like a party in my mouth and everyone’s throwing up.”

2. Overpriced.

“The 5 dollar Coke in my hotel minifridge.

Currently working part-time in a hotel with a market selling $5 Cokes. There’s a 24-hour gas station across the street…. I could hit it with a rock.

I tell everyone buying a Coke this, and still 95% of people pay the 5 bucks and still b**ch to me about it while doing it.”

3. You’re on the list.

“Products with commercials that f**king annoy me.

I have a blacklist.”

4. Way too fancy.

“Those massive mansions.

Never understood why do you need 100 rooms and bathrooms.”

5. Not gonna happen.


I’m fascinated by the concept but heck no.

It just feels like the art money laundering thing without having to actually deal with physical art.”

6. Ugh.

“Luxury brands known for treating customers badly as a way of signifying luxury.

I’m looking at you, Louis Vuitton.”

7. You sure?

“The extended warranty on my car.

Not gonna happen.”

8. I didn’t know that.

“A Range Rover.

Most unreliable, expensive piece of junk cars that are outdated anyway.”

9. How long will it be there?

“Land in Florida.

I was at a conference in Miami a few years ago which happened to be on climate change. There was a session where someone presented a model of sea level changes are kind the USA.

At the end I heard several people immediately called their realtor/significant other about selling the house ASAP.”

10. Pretty steep.

“A Peloton bike.

If I already paid over $1,000 for something, I shouldn’t have to pay a monthly fee just to use it.”

11. Oxymoron.

“An Italian car.

I’ve worked on enough Italian engineered machines to know the phrase is an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp or Chinese democracy.”

12. First Class is fine.

“A private jet.

Just seems like overk**l.

First class exists for a reason, right?”

13. No accessorizing.

“Men’s Gucci bag or accessory of any type.

Dumbest “trend” I’ve ever seen.”

And now it’s your turn.

Tell us what you’d still never buy even if you had a boatload of cash.

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