What Would You Still Refuse to Buy if You Were Rich? Here’s What People Said.

Well, this should be interesting

A lot of us daydream about what we’d do and what we’d buy if we had unlimited funds. But on the flip side, it’s also fun to think about what we would definitely NOT buy if we had a boatload of cash.

For me, I’d have to say it would be fancy cars. I just don’t think it’s something I could ever get into…but that’s just me.

What would you still refuse to buy if you were rich?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Don’t even bother.

“Expensive cat toys.

My cat will continue to play with my phone charger.”

2. You don’t need it.

“A big house.

Though I’d probably build a really luxurious small one.”

3. Not gonna happen.

“Stadium foods like $10 bags of popcorn.

It’s just the principle.”

4. Terrible idea.


Easiest way to stop being filthy rich and become lifeless in the process..”

5. No thank you!

“Diamond-encrusted anything.

I don’t like glittery things and it just looks uncomfortable and heavy.”

6. Nope.

“Water in bottles.

In my country the tap water is 100% safe to drink. So buying water in bottles would be a waste of money, time and resources.

Change my mind…”

7. Enough of that.

“Anything from Walmart.

I’d love to be so rich that I wouldn’t have to step into a Walmart again.”

8. Smart.

“Bags for bathroom trash cans.

That’s what plastic grocery bags are for.

Even in CA, where we’re not supposed to have plastic grocery bags, they have made a comeback during COVID.”

9. The high seas.

“You will never see me booking a cruise no matter how much money I have.

There are endless other places I’d rather spend my vacations.”

10. Doesn’t need to be new.

“A new car.

I would just let other rich people buy theirs new and drive it for a year before they get bored of it and buy a new one.

There are plenty of great vehicles on the market simply because some people can afford to view their transportation as a status symbol.”

11. Art stuff.

“Overpriced paintings.

Like yeah, spending a few grand to get an incredible landscape by an artist makes sense.

Spending 2 million on some modern art bullsh*t or splatter painting does not. Sh*t’s just stupid. I will never understand this.

Now I’m sure some of this is money laundering but it can’t all be money laundering, right?”

12. Flashy.

“Personalized license plates.

Might as well wear a t-shirt saying “I’m a pr*ck”.”

13. Do it yourself.

“An oil change, basic service on my car including brakes.

I’ve always done it myself and that wouldn’t change.”

14. Imagine that.

“One of those brides that you order.

I know that they do it out of free will, but I just don’t want that.

I want to actually, like, meet my wife, and get to know her.”

15. Really?

“Meals outside.

At any fast food joint, any restaurant, any bar, etc.

Just no.”

16. Here’s the list.

“Apple products (there are superior products for cheaper).

Extremely overpriced food items like “gold hamburger” where theres gold flakes on it, adds nothing to the taste and is a waste of money and gold.

I would never buy diamonds, they’re only expensive due to limits on export and importing.”

17. Not flashy.

“Overpriced cars and clothes.

I wanna be rich but not in a in your face way. I wanna be rich but you don’t think I’m rich. A nice-ish house? Yes. A decent car? Yes. Designer and Tesla? Nah.

I just wanna take care of me, my girlfriend, and any potential children I have or adopt.”

How about you?

If you were flush with cash, what would you STILL refuse to buy?

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