What’s a Harsh Fact You’ve Come to Realize? People Shared Their Thoughts.

It’s part of the process of growing up and learning about the world, but sometimes life can be downright cruel.

Things that you thought would be easy turn out to be really difficult and other things that you believed were going to be awful end up being no big deal. Life is funny that way.

You live and you learn, people…

What’s a hard fact of life that you’ve learned?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Sorry to hear that.

“After losing a parent I’m very aware of my own and other’s mortality.

Mine both passed in 2017. Adult orphanhood sucks hard.”

2. Doesn’t always work out.

“That not everyone you form a bond with in life is meant to stick around forever.”

3. That’s life.

“”It’s possible to make no mistakes and still lose. That is not weakness that is life.”

Jean-Luc Picard”

4. True.

“You can only help a person so much until they have to help themselves.”

5. You’re not alone.

“I way overestimated my intelligence and importance growing up.”

6. THIS.

“It’s not that the world is out to get you.

It just doesn’t care.”

7. Not the right fit.

“Sometimes you can give your absolute all, 110% effort, but it just doesn’t fit.

You might be the world’s best florist, but if the person you try to make bouquets for is allergic to flowers, it’s over before it begins.”

8. Too bad.

“Very few people actually care about the truth.

Everyone will claim they do, but challenge a belief they are emotionally attached to and most of them will fight you to the death, sometimes literally, sometimes their own, rather than accept a fact they don’t like.”

9. Doesn’t mean much.

“Loyalty to your employer means nothing.

I learned this lesson really early in my career. Literally the first real job I had out of college. I worked my *ss off because I was always told that the harder your work, the better off you’ll be. I worked crazy hours. 60+ hour weeks, on-call 24/7, volunteering weekends, etc.

Then the 2008 recession hit. I was the first one out of the door. Just walked in one day, boss came by my desk and told me to give up my badge and get out. No goodbye, no apologies, no recognition of the work I’d done for the year I was there. No nothing. Just get the f*ck out.

Never again.”

10. Yup.

“Most famous people aren’t worth idolizing.”

11. Unfortunately…

“Bad things happen to good people.

Life isn’t fair and the universe doesnt give a sh*t about you or your feelings.”

12. Life can be lonely.

“I could die tomorrow in my sleep, and it would take days for me to be missed.

And even then the number of people who’d be sad- not “aw, that’s terrible. So what’s for lunch?” but actually sad- is in a single digit.”

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