What’s a Really Inappropriate Question You Would Like an Answer To? Here’s What People Said.

Admit it, there are some super inappropriate questions that you want answered.

It’s okay, there’s no shame in that!

And now we’re gonna get to the bottom of some questions that people want to get answered on AskReddit.

1. What’s it like…?

“What does it feel like to have a pe*is?

I’ve always been wondering about this, does it feel different under certain circumstances?

How does it feel getting an erection, and how does s*x and org**ming feel like?

And how do y’alls balls work?

Like, how do they move and act and are connected to body and pen*s? Can you tuck the pen*s under the balls, and if yes, how?”

2. How much is too much?

“How much TP do you use?

I realize it differs depending on what has come out.

But I feel like I use a lot compared to others.”

3. Deeep thoughts…

“I wonder if nutting in zero gravity feels different than on earth.

I guess thats my really inappropriate question for the thread!”

4. No offense.

“Why do black people in america have names that are so different?

In the UK black people were named like.. “Bob” or “Michael” or “Carl” and in America they’re named “Daquan” or “Lu Doni” or “Rashon”.

Is it because they wanted to choose their own names, and be nothing alike white people when slavery was ended? was it because they didn’t even have names?

I’m sure theres lots of black americans who are named like.. “Robert” or so, but I’ve never come across a black person in the UK with a name so dissimilar from the white people.

In the UK “Bob Smith” could be either black or white.

No offense intended to anyone, I’m just curious.”

5. Ladies?

“When multiple ladies go to the bathroom together, is there a code of conduct as to what can and can’t be discussed or done?

Like no deuces?

Tour bus rules?”

6. The Troubles.

“This is a very very specific one for me.

I’m from Northern Ireland, and there was a conflict here called The Troubles.

My question is to those who joined paramilitaries, both sides, Loyalist and Republican, why exactly did you join and how you now feel about all the things you’ve done?”

7. Sunburn?

“In the movie “Mid 90s”, one of the white kids asks the black kid if black people have to wear sunscreen.

The black kid says that is the stupidest question he has ever heard and everyone laughs.

But he never answered, and I’m here wondering if black people need to or how bad they get it if they don’t.”

8. Legit question.

“I’ve always wondered do deaf people have a voice in their head?

You know when you read something to yourself how you can “hear” your own voice like you probably are right now?

Do deaf people have that same thing, or not?”

9. You have to wait!

“I have always wondered if the people that wait for marriage to have s** think it was worth the hype?”

10. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

“Do you shave your p**ic hair? Have you always or is it something new? And if so, why?

Almost all you see in p**n is bare h**ch and even many of the moms at the pool seem to be bare down there.

Granted I’m out of the race now, but I only encountered one in my seemingly average sample size of partners and I just am always curious about this.”

11. Anyone?

“Do flamboyant homos**ual and more reserved homos**ual groups view each other differently?

Do they judge each other?”

12. Period info.

“I’m a guy.


How much blood are we talking about?

For how many days?

What do you guys do when it happen?

And how can you track it?”

What inappropriate question do you want an answer to?

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