What’s a TV Show That You Just Can’t Stand? Here’s What People Said.

Is there a TV show that just really makes your skin crawl every time you hear the intro song?

I still get the willies every time I hear the opening of As the World Turns because my mom and my sisters used to watch that when I was growing up.

No thank you!

What TV show can you just not stand?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Who could it be?

“The Masked Singer.

What a load of BS. Oooh who could it be?

Let’s go to the judges who get paid to draw things out. Hmmm…”

2. Fired up.

“American Idol!

The most contrived, pandering, elitist but yet throw the general populace a bone every once and a while to keep up the facade that it isn’t rigged (the most sheer of veils),up its own a**, spectacle, so perfectly made for a dystopian future that it rivals running man and the hunger games, hot f**king pile of garbage I have ever seen.”

3. Uh oh…

“OK so in all seriousness who actually likes Glee?

It always struck me as that cringe high school singing show that nobody asked for but stuck around for years anyway.

Never met a single person who enjoyed the show.”

4. Disgusted.


The fact that it is one of the most watched English-language series on Netflix disgusts me.”

5. Just couldn’t do it.

“Umbrella Academy.

Maybe it’s because I’m old, but that teenage angsty shit gets really annoying after awhile. I only kept watching it because it has a fantastic soundtrack.

I tried watching the new season (pretty much to watch the guy from Degrassi), but it was just too much and stopped watching after the second episode.”

6. Not impressed.

“Rick and Morty.

Don’t see the appeal in it and find it immature…seems overhyped.”

7. Shameful.


I h**e how it romanticizes a dysfunctional family.”

8. Not into it.

“Young Sheldon.

Man, that kid is annoying.”

9. Silly.


So silly!

It’s like a really bad soap opera.”

10. Lost interest.

“I liked How I Met Your Mother when it was on until it dragged on four seasons too long.

I still haven’t forgiven it for how bad the finale was.”

11. Unwatchable.

“Family Guy.

Everything South Park mocks about it in good spirits is true.

It’s all flashbacks and extremely drawn out scenes for a laugh.

It’s unwatchable.”

12. Corny and weird.

“Gilmore Girls.

I don’t know how anyone could tolerate that show, it’s excruciatingly corny and weird.”

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