What’s Accepted Today That Will Be Horrifying in 100 Years? People Shared Their Thoughts.

There’s no doubt about it, times change and the opinions of the general public change.

Things that we thought were perfectly normal a couple of generations ago are now looked at with disdain.

And AskReddit users went on the record with their thoughts about what is seen as normal these days that will probably be looked on in horror in 100 years.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Maybe…

“Organ transplant lists.

Eventually we will grow the organs in a lab.”

2. Probably.

“Waste. So much waste of food, of water, of materials.

If we are to make it to space, we’re going to have to get to a point where as much stuff as possible is reclaimed, and it’s gonna start looking real insane to throw out things that could be put through a reclamation service.”

3. Way too much.

“The high prevalence of sugar in our diets.

And salt. After finding out I have a heart problem and needing to cut out as much sodium as possible I’ve found that it’s nearly impossible to find low sodium versions of nearly everything I like to eat.”

4. Wasteful.

“Replacing a phone every year.

Electronics are not easy to recycle and they use lots of precious resources that we dont have a whole lot of.”

5. Chemotherapy.

“I’m a physician and I have a feeling that chemotherapy is going to be looked at as completely barbaric in 100 years.

There’s no better option right now but it’s horrific in principle and in person.”

6. Weird and gross.

“Beauty pageants, especially toddler ones.

They’re weird and gross and deeply uncomfortable.

Please, make them stop already.”

7. Agreed.


It’s such a horrible sport!”

8. Running out.

“Using helium for balloons. We’re running out of helium, we can’t make it, and it’s vital for medical imaging.

Helium is manufactured inside stars and expelled into the universe when stars d**.”

9. Non-stop.

“Working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Too much of our lives is spent on meaningless labor.”

10. Horrifying.

“Factory farming. Even today many people find it horrifying, but it’s still largely accepted because out of sight, out of mind.

People in the future, however, will probably be horrified by our negligence and mistreatment of animals.”

11. Hopefully.

“Child hunger, hopefully.

Current estimates have the US around 13 million children facing food insecurity and the number is rising.”

12. Wouldn’t be surprised.

“Lack of privacy on the internet.

I fully believe there’s gonna be a bunch of court cases of children of influencers where once they grow up they sue their parents for putting their image on the internet without their consent.

It’s already happening in some cases now.”

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