What’s Always Depicted the Wrong Way in Movies and TV Shows? Here’s What People Said.

As a big hockey fan, I have to say that the movie Goon really blew it in one aspect in my opinion: the main character who likes to brawl on the ice could barely skate. I’m not talking about being a bad skater, but could barely stand up.

And there’s NO WAY that would happen even on a minor league hockey team.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie, but I think that part of it made it a bit unrealistic and took away from the movie overall.

What do you think movies and TV shows get wrong?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. That was fast!

“The speed at which police forensics can take place.

They solve things in minutes that really take days or weeks or months.”

2. Unrealistic.

“Knife fighting.

Nobody wins in a knife fight, it’s gonna get nasty and both parties are likely to end up with slashes and punctures. I saw something recently where a girl’s body was discovered with 90-something defensive wounds. Imagine both parties had a knife.

It was tragic for her, but the k**ler could have received some nasty wounds too if she was also slashing.”

3. Seriously.

“Any relationship in a romantic comedy would be classified as stalking or harassment in the real world.”

4. Gimme a break!

“Lockpicking is usually laughably wrong.

No one ever applies tension or uses the right tools.”

5. Nice try.

“Playing instruments.

They hold them upside down, on the wrong side, hands aren’t even close to being on the right keys/holes.

Horrific fake bowing on strings, and terrible fake guitar strumming. Being able to learn an instrument instantly, etc.”

6. Big time.

“Knocking someone out/head injuries.

If a person were bonked on the head and knocked out, they would 100% need a hospital.”

7. Boring.

“Psych hospitals and mental illness in general.

It’s mostly boring.

You talk to people.

You do therapy and they get you stabilized on meds.”

8. Time to fly.

“Most drugs would fall into this category, but I would say weed would be the best example.

They make it seem as if though the character just took a hit of DMT whenever someone smokes weed.”

9. Get real.

“Drinking coffee! How can you eff that up on film?

They always have empty cups and its so obvious from the way they carry the cups to the way they sip.”

10. That was easy.

“When the main characters drive downtown into the big city and pull into a conveniently empty parking space right in front of the building that they are going to.”

11. Way off.


Period movies are the worst. Oh this movie takes place in 1953. Let’s go find 100 vehicle owners with pristine 1953 cars and use them in the movie.

In 1953 the majority of cars were not 53’s and not all of them were clean and perfect. There were dented cars dirty car even old dented dirty cars.

Don’t even get me started on almost any racing movie. Outside of Death Race 2000 they’re all garbage.

Also anytime there’s a car stunt that’s supposed to be happening like during a car chase and you can see the marks on the road from the first 16 takes they did.”

12. Rewriting history.

“The medieval era.

Specifically their castles and foods.

Peasants only really ate grey icky gruel in times of hardships. Otherwise a peasents diet usually consisted of: fish, cheese, milk, curds. A favorite dish for any class was pottage. A type of stew that usually had meat or vegetables. They also liked barely.

As for their castles. Most were not dark and dank like we think they are. Many were brightly decorated with beautiful colors! Wall murals and tapestry’s. Even their clothing was colorful!”

What do you think is always depicted wrong in movies and TV shows?

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