What’s Ethical but Illegal? Here’s What People Had to Say.

Ethical but illegal

Hmmm, that’s a tricky one, isn’t it?

Every person has their own opinions about these things, so let’s hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think falls into that category.

1. A big one.

“Apparently American pharmacists subsidizing insulin for their regulars.

I remember reading about one who bought a month’s supply for a customer and she ended up fired and charged with like black market drug dealing.”

2. Criminal.

“Paying off the school lunch debt of kids.

I remember there being a school district with some kids who werent allowed to graduate because of their school lunch debt so a local millionaire offered the district the money to pay off their debt.

They refused it.”

3. Dumb.

“Apparently sleeping it off in your car is still considered operating while intoxicated.

The car should actually have to be in motion, or at least the ignition on, before it’s considered DWI/OWI.”

4. Ridiculous.

“You can’t even take sealed packages of unexpired food out of a company dumpster because it is “stealing”.

Perfectly good food going to waste because they need to make room for a new product. Sometimes the staff is forced to spoil or shred the food so no one can use it, and they enforce it by using chains and fences.

It’s disgusting.”

5. Why?

“Feeding the homeless.

You can get fined in my city.”

6. Confusing.

” In many states (including mine, Oregon), it’s illegal to park in prohibited spots even if they’re unmarked.

Think that through for a second. You could park somewhere that is totally legal looking. Nothing saying you shouldn’t park there.

Nothing saying it’s a protected spot (like a carpool spot or one reserved for on-call doctors or something) and it’d still be illegal, even if you had no way of knowing.”

7. Pathetic.

“Children selling lemonade without a license.

I’ve seen videos of grown adults calling the cops on kids selling lemonade, it’s pathetic.

Those adults should get a charge for wasting time and resources.”

8. Pirating.

“Pirating media no longer available for sale.

Combine that with the fact that the cracked versions of some games work better/are less likely to f**k up your computer because the developer used drm like SuckuROM, sometimes for the consumer, it’s better to get the pirated version anyways.”

9. Yup.

“Assisted s**cide.

We can help our terminally ill pets d** with dignity but we force our family members to suffer for no reason.”

10. Pricey stuff.

“Pirating college textbooks.

Half the time you don’t need them, and when you do, they’re often marked up 500% against what they’re worth.

Downloading free digital copies may be illegal, but you bet your ass college kids share those links.”

11. Thief!

“If you work in a restaurant and the owners want you to throw away unused food, taking it for yourself or giving it away could technically be considered theft.”

12. Trespassing.

“I saw a video of a guy wanting to buy a homeless man mcdonalds. They got escorted out by police due to “trespassing”.

How you’re able to trespass a public building during opening times is beyond me, let alone let the guy have a meal. He wasnt harassing anyone, let the man eat.”

What do you think is ethical but not illegal?

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