What’s Normal at 3 A.M. But Terrifying at 3 P.M.? People Responded.

I know my answer to this question!

Having a nightmare at 3 a.m. when you’re sleeping is totally normal…but in the middle of the day?

Now, that is creepy!

And you’d have to figure out if you were actually sleeping or awake…which adds another terrifying element to the situation.

But that’s just my opinion!

Let’s see what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Eerie.

“Empty streets and eerie silence.

During the pandemic I would look out the window to it.

It was horrifying but I did like it too, it was nice.”

2. Rabid animals.

“Animals who are supposed to be nocturnal!

Answer seems a bit silly, but really, when animals who are supposed to be mostly nocturnal like foxes are seen running around in the day, it can be a sign of them being rabid.”

3. Now I’m starving.

“A doner kebab from my old local kebab shop.

3am its a thing of beauty, to be desired and revered and eaten like a wild dog on the prairie.

3pm, my system is a temple and would never put this much salt or fat into my body.

Til next d**nk night out. What a laugh really. Those kebabs were awesome.”

4. Hearing noises.

“Cracking your knuckles.

Imagine you just hear cracks throughout the night.”

5. Boo!


I’d be more scared to see them during the day because I feel like they would just be in charge of my house at that point.”

6. That’s creepy…

“Child’s laughter.

Last night I was trying to get to sleep when a group of tourists pass by my window (I live by an airport and between a hotel and a bus station, not that weird) but I remember waking up with no discernable reason.

I feel anxious and don’t know why, when I hear a girl’s laughter. I check my phone and it’s past 3 am. I can’t hear any suitcases rolling across the pavement. I just lie there when I hear it again about 3-5 minutes later, it sounded almost exactly the same.”

7. Hello, darkness.


Why haven’t I seen anyone say that?

If it was dark at 3 pm I’d be freaking the hell out.”

8. Horrific.

“My wife’s nightly facemask routine.

It’s horrific.”

9. Lookin’ down on you.

“Walking outside to see the stars, planets, and full moon looking down at you.”

10. Nooooooo!

“Your alarm phone’s ringing and there’s a small note that says “go to work” which you always see after you wake up at 3am.”

11. Run for dear life.

“In folklore, the witching hour or devil’s hour is a time of night that is associated with supernatural events, whereby witches, demons and ghosts are thought to appear and be at their most powerful.

Definitions vary, and include the hour immediately after midnight, and the time between 3:00 am and 4:00 am.

If’s happens at 3 pm I would run and hold on for dear life.”

12. Meet Dave.

“Hanging out with demons.

Especially dave, he is cool.”

What do you think is normal at three in the morning but terrifying at three in the afternoon?

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Thanks a lot!