What’s Normal at 3 P.M. But Terrifying at 3 A.M.? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Hearing a bump in the middle of the night can be unsettling, don’t you think?

If you hear something knocking around during the middle of the day, you don’t even blink, but at 3 a.m., it can be pretty terrifying.

What do you think is normal at 3 p.m. but scary at 3 a.m.?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Scary.

“If you live in a rural area, g**shots.

If I hear them at 3pm, it’s just someone practicing or hunting. 3am?

What the hell are they shooting a g** for at 3am?”

2. Ahhhhhh!

“My mother once told me that when I was a baby, she woke up during a thunderstorm to one of my toys going “Let’s play a game!”.”

3. Who is it…?

“Hearing a door open.

My girl works overnights and last winter I wake up to my door unlocking, so I go and investigate. She wears a massive parka in the winter so as a shadow (no lights on) I see someone walking into my home shoulders about 4 feet wide.

She got home 5 hours early, I was freaked out pretty good.”

4. That doesn’t look right.

“A school bus going slowly down the street.

At one point when I was younger, my parents convinced me that there was a headless bus driver. He was always early, and you were always late.

If you missed the bus, he would come back and take your head at the end of the school day…

They had me flipped out for a bit there. I made sure that I never missed the bus in the morning ever again.”

5. Deep in the woods.

“My teenage daughter and I were out camping in the woods when she shook me awake at about 2-3AM.

She said she heard something, and it kept freaking her out. I asked her what it sounded like, and she said, “it’s a weird screeching sound, like an animal, but playing on a loop like a tape machine out in the forest.” My blood immediately ran cold, and I said to her do not tell me this s**t right now!

We went outside of the tent to see if we could hear it, and we did. It was pitch dark. The sound was faint, but sounded EXACTLY how she described it. It was the same scratchy sound looping over and over again intermittently.

We had just recently seen the movie Annihilation, and she thought that a cursed hybrid bear was going to come out of the woods and get us lol. We were so terrified, I grabbed a blanket and we slept inside my locked Jeep.

We survived with no bear attacks lol, but the next day we were walking through the campgrounds and came across an RV with Halloween decorations. The source of the haunting noise coming from the woods was a grim reaper figure that would light up, howl, and shake, and it was set off by motion detector.

It played the shrieking noise over and over again on a loop. We laughed, but wondered why they would leave the d**n thing on all night!?”

6. Jolted awake.

“Tornado Warnings, Amber Alerts and other Emergency Alert System alerts.

Those EAS tones scare the absolute hell out of me.”

7. Creeped out.

“An arcade at night.

Recently closed down an ice skating rink with friends, and had to exit through a big empty arcade. All the lights and jingles playing was so creepy.

You’d swear a serial k**ler was about to jump out and stab you at any moment.”

8. Walking the streets.

“A stroll down almost any street.

City street might — get mugged (possibly aliens)

Quiet neighborhood — might get abducted (possibly aliens)

Street in the country — wild animal attack (possibly alien bears).”

9. Up to no good.

“Teenagers walking in a group.

One time there was a group of 10 of us walking around playing Pokemon Go at 2 am and someone called the cops on us thinking we were troublemakers LMAO.”

10. Why?!?!

“Mowing the lawn.

Our neighbors mowed their lawn constantly around 3 am.”

11. Gets your heart going.

“Breaking/emergency news on the TV.

Like if you’re watching something at 3am and then the show suddenly cuts to the local newscaster saying something like “We interrupt this broadcast with etc”.

It’s just the absolute crushing anxiety of the moments between the interruption and the news being delivered that would make it so scary at such an odd time.”

12. Demon cat.

“My cat running around the kitchen yowling and knocking things over.

By the middle of the night, he sounds like a demon that was summoned to destroy my pots and pans.”

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