What’s Not Nearly as Attractive as People Think? Here’s What People Had to Say.

I’m gonna go on the record right now and make a bold statement that might make me unpopular in some circles…

Okay, here it goes…

Those high-waisted “mom jeans” that have made a comeback lately are HIDEOUS and totally unattractive.

There, I said it…boy, now I feel very relieved.

And now it’s time to see what AskReddit users think about this.

Take a look!

1. Indeed.

“Those massive lips.

Just looks like you got stung by a bee.”

2. It’s different.

“People hear “Confidence is attractive” and think its attractive to be a huge obnoxious d**k who thinks they’re better than everyone and doesn’t care about how they treat others.

Confidence in yourself, like knowing who you are, what you like and being okay with it is attractive.”

3. Not impressed.

“I was taking pictures at a local park when some dude who had to have been at least in his 40’s approached me and spoke to me like I was a tourist, telling me he could tell me the best places.

I told him I lived three miles away and then he started telling me how he made $150k a year and how hard it is to date because women just want his money.

I have never been more turned off in my life. Plus I’m married, but if I wasn’t, there’s no way I would’ve gone for this dude.”

4. No, thanks.

“Being a social media influencer.

I made the mistake of dating one back in college.

She thought she was famous and would be a complete jerk
to random strangers all the time.

Dating her was one of the absolute worst personal decisions I’ve ever made.”

5. Gettin’ buff.

“Muscle implants.

I don’t believe your biceps are the same circumference as your waist.”

6. Disgusting.

“Being toxic.

Some women think its cute to be v**lent, be “crazy”, to get loud, to have underlying mental issues and not try to get better and do better.”

7. Take it down a notch.

“Fake and dramatic moans during s**.

I can tell when its genuine, all the excess is annoying.”

8. Over the top.

“For me personally this may come as a shock but it has to be muscles.

What I mean is the like the kind of people who have muscles on top of muscles, till the point where it looks super gross.”

9. Doesn’t look real.

“Smiling with only your teeth instead of your eyes and teeth.

It doesn’t look real if you’re not slightly squinting.”

10. Just like T-Rex.

“Long velociraptor claw nails.

Natural is way better.”

11. Not a good look.

“Wearing a bunch of high end brand name clothes.

There’s nothing unique about it and almost all the clothes look awful.”

12. Nah, you’re just a jerk.

“When people say that certain brusque personality traits are admirable.


“He tells it like it is!” = He has no tact and no ability to see thing from someone else’s perspective.

“He doesn’t suffer fools.” = He’s an irritable b**tard.”

Now it’s your turn.

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