What’s Something You’re Excited to Be Alive For? People Shared Their Thoughts.

As I’ve gotten a little bit older, the things I’m excited to be alive for may sound trivial to other people, but I think it’s the good stuff, even if it’s not earth-shattering.

Stuff like a great meal, hanging out with friends and family, going to sporting events and concerts. The little things!

Oh, and I want to see if the Earth explodes in my lifetime…so there’s that…

Check out why AskReddit users said they’re excited to be alive.

1. True!

“Exploring. The best part of life is how much stuff there is to do. Feeling bored?

Go somewhere you haven’t, talk to people you’ve never met, eat something you’ve never had, try something you’ve never tried.

Even if you haven’t found what drives you yet, there’s so much out there that it’s bound to be there.”

2. You got this.


The fact that I’ve always had my own back and always will. I’m the one most reliable person that I can always count on. I’ve been at extremely low points and loving me was the only way out.

Anything external can be taken away or lost, but I will always have myself.”

3. Here for a reason.

“I like to think that I’m here for a reason and I just hope to benefit humanity for the better somehow.

Like designing something that helps clean the trash from Earth and clean oceans or making peoples’ lives better by bringing them some smiles or laughter.

I think as long as you make someone smile or making someone happy you’re already in the process of benefiting the world.”

4. Good luck!

“My masterpiece of a story I wrote.

I’m soon gonna enter it in light novel contests in Japan in hopes of getting it published!”

5. Life partner.

“My partner.

That’s not to say without him I’d have nothing to live for but he is the reason I have other things worth living for so I owe him a lot.

I was and would still be in a much worse place without his help.”

6. It will only get better.

“Deep human connection.

I literally just learned how to truly connect with people at age 33. I want to live to feel all the emotional moments.

I believe that as society collapses there will be so many beautiful and painful moments to share with others and to bare witness to.”

7. The good stuff.

“Video games, manga, anime, good books, movies, series, traveling, NBA, UFC, and my relationships with family.”

8. I get it.

“My cats.

If I d**, they would just think I abandoned them.

They wouldn’t understand why I left, and that makes me sad to think about for them.”

9. One of these days…

“The My Chemical Romance concert that I got tickets to back in January 2020 that keeps getting postponed.

Fingers crossed for September 2022. I need my MCR fix.”


“Having kids.

I can’t wait to bring them home for the first time, introduce them to our parents, all that. Homework, bedtime stories, playing with toys (I collect LEGO so getting them into that will be the highlight of my existence), seeing their first steps, teaching them how to ride a bike, decorating their rooms with stuff they like.

Watching them grow up and being able to teach them all the things my parents taught me, and just impart all this useless information I’ve accumulated. I just want to be a good dad.”

11. Who’s out there?

“I really hope I live long enough to see life discovered on other planets.

I feel like that will be one of the most significant and transformative moments in human history, and will change the way we consider ourselves within the universe.”

12. All kinds of reasons.

“I really hope to live another 30-50 ish years. I am 37 right now.

New movies and tv shows every single year

New video games every single year

There are new songs every year to listen to. And still lots of existing ones to listen to again.

There are new jokes to probably hear every year.

Probably some new kind of entertainment we don’t have now.

Maybe 1 day some legalization of more recreational drugs to try.

I’d still like to go on some more walks, nature is nice and cool

I’d like to see more stars, shooting stars, Hailey’s comet, all the neat things you can see.

There are probably gonna be more neat things like the Oumuamua that you hear about.

There are still things I’d like to get better at (e.g. art, programming, writing, etc..)

There are things I still want to build and contribute to the world.

Sleep and dreams is pretty cool most of the time.

I’d like to see some more sunsets and sunrises in my life.

I want to see and share more kindness in the world.

I don’t have any pets right now, but I think I’d like to maybe get one at some point.

Both my parents are still alive and I 100% don’t want to die before them. Though I am 37. That’d just break them. 🙁

There will probably be cool new technologies, new milestones to be reached by humanity, that I think would be neat to witness and be alive when they happen.

First humans on mars

First colony on mars/moon

The rise of self driving cars

New AR/VR type systems

Probably something that isn’t obvious like some new kind of comfortable chair or kitchen appliance.

To watch the rise and fall of some big companies

To see how politics change over the next few decades good or bad

To see how climate change effects the world. Good or bad

There will probably be more noteworthy historical ‘events’ to happen in the next 30-50 years that none of us can predict specifically. In the last 20 years a lot, there have been tons of notable events, some s**tty and bad and some pretty neat/cool.”

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