What’s the Creepiest or Most Unexplained Thing That’s Happened To You? Here’s What People Had To Say.

I don’t know if I believe in ghosts, demons, monsters, UFOs, or any of that kind of stuff, but I sure do love reading about it!

Because there are countless numbers of folks out there who have had experiences that just don’t make any sense whatsoever.

What’s the creepiest or most unexplained thing you’ve ever experienced?

AskReddit users shared their unsettling stories.

1. That’s odd…

“To this day, there was a kid in my class that no one else remembers.

I distinctly remember playing with this kid in kindergarten, and we were pretty much inseparable. About a month past Christmas break he disappeared. No one remembered him. Not the teachers, or the others in my class. No one.

I even asked the school counselor if he was okay, and she humored me by going through records to see if he’d transferred. She couldn’t find a thing. I think about it at least once a month.”

2. Followed.

“Driving home from work late one night I was followed and it was weird. I left the hospital and turned off the main road to a bunch of side streets I would take.

At one point I noticed a car behind me that made the same left turn as me. They sped up to get behind me. I thought nothing of it. Then I briefly thought about running to 7-11 to grab some food and turned on my right signal. But I realized I had food at home, so I turned my signal off.

The car behind me turned on their right signal and turned it off as well exactly as I had. At that point I got a bit spooked. So I turned my right signal on and they did as well. Instead at the next intersection I turned left even though my right signal was on. They did as well. They proceeded to follow me through a series of odd turns.

Eventually I turned onto a cul-de-sac I knew about and figured I could turn around there and look at the driver to see who was following me. As I approached the end of the road they figured out what I was doing.

They stopped and did a fast k-turn and sped off. It was weird. Still don’t know who it was.”

3. Dementia patients.

“I used to work in a nursing home where I cared for dementia patients. Every patient on the hall I worked on would steal spoons from dinner to give to “the kids” because “they like shiny things.”

It got to the point where once a week I’d have to go through everyone’s room to take back the spoons. I asked the patients about the kids many times but never got a good answer. I’d hear things like “they just live here” or “they stand outside in the snow and look in the windows” or “they’re my friends who visit.”

Wouldn’t be so weird if they all didn’t do it, but it was everyone, the ones who were still capable of speaking anyways. One time at 3am one of my patients started screaming so I ran in her room and found her laying in bed, seemingly fine.

I asked what was wrong and she said “That boy is here again and won’t get out of my closet! I’m scared!” Like me too, Delores what the heck”

4. Back in time.

“Driving from Northern California to Southern California through the middle of the night about a decade ago.

I was tired, and the scenery along the freeway through the central valley isn’t very interesting. I remember passing an old silo, looking at my car clock and it was 3:17 in the morning.

Drove some more, passed a powerline, and it was 3:21.

I blinked, shuffled in my seat, and passed that same old silo, and it was back to 3:17. I was in disbelief. I just stared at my clock for a few moments.

Drove a little bit more, passed the same powerline, 3:21.

Don’t know why or how, but I went backwards about 4 minutes. Never experienced anything similar or since.”

5. Whose memory is it?

“I have a weird memory that’s not mine.

I’m a small boy with a suit and tie, I’m at a party in a huge ceremonial church or something and there’s lots of men and women wearing fancy black clothes, they all get in a circle its the middle of the day light was brightly coming in through the windows and there are old-ish couple dancing in the middle of the circle with some very classy/fancy music and I was trying to look at them through people’s legs, suddenly the man falls.

No gunshots. No one did anything to him and then the second he falls everyone starts screaming, people were running away but the men were running towards him, I think I was trampled because I was lying on the floor and then everything goes black. That’s all I can remember.

This is a clear memory that has stuck with me since I can remember, I’m really creeped out because I know that memory isn’t mine, I’ve never gone to a fancy party in a church when I was little and I don’t know what happened to that man because I fell over.”

6. No explanation.

“I was delivering newspapers on my route when a longtime customer pulled his car next to me and asked me to just give him his daily spaper now because he was going on a long trip. I handed him his paper and skipped his house.

The next day I was collecting fees and I went to his house. His wife answered and said that I missed her house on my deliveries the day before. I told her what her husband said.

She started crying and told me that he had died a couple weeks ago and it was obviously not possible that I spoke with her husband the day before.

I know what I saw and nearly 30 years later I still think about that situation. I have no way to logically explain what happened and it still give me the creeps.”

7. That’s terrifying.


A ghost saved my life in a haunted old Shakespearean theater by telling me that a plank 60 feet above the stage was missing a section. And he warned me that I would die.

I had worked there all summer when I was 17, and had never seen this guy before. I had landed a cool job as a stage operations crew the summer after high school and worked the “upper theater” high above the stage, on the catwalks.

I was working in a far corner of a theater’s rafters through my lunch break so I could leave early that day, and was asked to walk off the catwalk, cross a wooden plank, and drop a rope down, and pull up a larger rope to tie off on the rafters. We were getting ready for the season, and slowly stringing lights and scenery to the “drops” that were bars on pulleys and counterweights.

As I left the decentlly made catwalk, I stepped onto a plank and couldn’t see in the middle of the building, but could see a plank rising upward on the other side of the darkness. ‘Ok, it must hit a platform there at the bottom and go up again’. I thought.

I walked 4-5 steps down into a very dimly lit part of the rafters on the plank when a man stopped me.

“Turn around slowly. The plank is missing. No light. Get light”.

“F i i i i n nnnnneee.” I said in a sarcastic teenage voice.

I turned around and got back on the catwalk, walked to the ladder and climbed down to the stage to get a flashlight.

My boss asked “Why are you down here?”

“I need a light, and your guy said a plank was missing and to get a light”

“What guy? You were the only one up there”.

“The old guy with the beard and wool cap”.

My boss, who headed the technical/carpenter/electrical part of the theater was in his late 60s and had worked in that theater for nearly 40 years. He looked amused at first. Laughing, at me asking “how’d you know about that?

“Know about what?” I came down for a flashlight so I could see.

“You’re serious? you saw him?. It must have been 1954, and a rigger fell from the rafters and died. He fell all the way to the stage. I think his name was John. In the ’74 my assistant made up a story about talking to him, but back then we were all smoking something. what are you on?”

“Nothing. come with me let’s see if it’s missing ”

So he did.

Sure enough the plank was missing. There was the plank I was on. A platform, NOTHING, and a platform with a plank from that platform to the upper corner of the building. From my vantage point, it looked like plank, platform, plank, platform, plank.

In the dust along the plank were my footprints leading right to the edge. One more step and I would have fallen to the stage. below us was a thick fabric curtain that separated the stage from the rafters, blocking light from below.

In the horizontal folds of the curtain. A wool cap.

To this day I’ve not stepped back into that theater.”

8. Who was in here?

“You know on cold days inside your car you can breathe on the window and draw on the glass?

I got in my car, and as I look at the windshield I see a few small baby hands. I thought it was strange someone would let a baby play on my cars windshield. I had an urge to touch the baby prints and as I touched it, I wiped away the hand prints. The hand prints were made from inside of my locked car

This is probably the strangest creepiest unexplained phenomena that’s ever happened to me.”

9. Stick figures.

“As a kid I was round a friend’s house after school. It was a sunny day so we went to the park near his house, then through the woods there. (His younger brother was with us as well).

In the woods, beside the path, there were red berries on the ground. The berries had been arranged into three stick figures, which was weird as there were three of us. We got back to the house, and my friend and I decided to go back to take another look (his brother stayed at the house).

When we got back there were only two stick figures. My friend snapped a photo on his phone then kicked the berries and we ran back to the house. I have no idea what was going on; was it just some kind of prank being pulled on us?”

10. Vanished.

“Maybe around age 14, early 1990s.

We were traveling from Texas up to Tacoma, WA. We were about out of money, almost out of gas, no food, stuck in Chico California. I sat in the car while mom took my younger sisters to the restroom at a gas station. I was riddled with anxiety about our situation and looking down. The car door opened and I looked up.

A lady that looked like a brown haired Brady mom sat in the seat and faced me. She said “It seems like you’re down on your luck. Take this and give it to your mom. Tell her to pay it forward some day to someone who needs it.” I looked down into my hand and there was a $100 bill. I looked up and she had disappeared. Nowhere in the parking lot, just vanished. I cried.

When mom came back I told her what happened and she cried. We got gas. There was a guy selling oranges on the side of the road and we bought a bag and went to a local park that had a part of the river with a little spillway dam and went swimming and ate oranges for a couple of hours before getting back on the road.

I never saw the lady again but she saved us and we did make it up to Tacoma to start our new life. Thank you stranger lady with invisible powers, we never forgot your kindness!”

11. Twins.

“When I was a Freshman in high school we had a pair of new students start who were twins. I remember both of them because while they were twins, they had slight differences so I could tell them apart.

Anyways, a few years after high school I get a friend request from one of them. I was looking at her Facebook randomly one day looking at her pictures and didn’t see any of her sister which I thought was odd. I mentioned it to my friend and she looked at my strangely and said “she doesn’t have a twin.” I asked another couple people we went to high school with and they all said the same thing.

I have no idea what happened and it still baffles me because I distinctly remember two of them, but apparently there was only one.”

12. A lifesaver.

“A few years ago, I was at my lowest point in life. Several people close to me had passed away unexpectedly, I was being bullied every day at my job, my life was falling apart.

I was past being depressed – I just couldn’t imagine waking up another day. So I’d planned my suicide – bought a one-way plane ticket, got sleeping pills, and wrote a series of suicide notes.

On the day I was to fly out to fulfill my ‘plan’, there was a terrible accident on the freeway to the airport. It was shut down both ways. So I drove into a nearby pub to have a beer and wait out the traffic. The second I sat on the patio with my drink, a gentleman asked if he could sit with me. Whatever, I thought, sure, who cares. He told me that whatever I was doing next was a terrible idea and I would regret it. I thought, who is this random f*cker? But I listened.

He said that he sensed I was in pain, but that I had an incredible life ahead of me, and that this was not the way my story was supposed to end. Again, I’d never met this guy in my life, and hadn’t mentioned a word to him about my ‘plan’. He asked me to hand him my keys and my wallet, and he’d give them back to me after I talked and he listened.

I poured my heart out to this random guy. Told him all my traumas and pains in life and why I was heading to the airport on a one-way ticket to kill myself in a cemetery across the country where my family was buried. He just listened. And then he pulled out a lighter, asked me to pull out my suicide letters and helped me burn them.

He told me I was worth so much to the world and that after I finished my drink, I needed to head home and get some sleep. He told me I was going to be okay tomorrow, and I believed him. He then gave me my keys and wallet back.

I left that afternoon and went home, hugged my family. Got some sleep – and the next day, I started working on myself – finding a therapist, a new job. Years later, I’m in a fantastic place in life, so, so far from where I was that day. To this day, no one in my life knows how close I came to killing myself. But this random stranger just somehow understood me. And saved my life.

I never saw him again, I don’t even know his name. It’s the most unexplained thing that has ever happened to me. And I think about that guy every day – so, thank you, kind stranger, for saving my life that random September day on a pub patio.”

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