What’s the Darkest Thing You’ve Kept From Your Partner? Here’s What People Said.

Have you ever kept something from your significant other?

I’m not talking about something minor, but something big, dark, and scandalous?

Well if you have, you’re not alone…

What’s the darkest thing you’ve kept from a partner?

AskReddit users opened up.

1. Uh oh.

“Her father once told me if he could go back in time, he would never have dated her mother and have kids with her. Was pretty shocking thing to hear while on vacation with the whole step family.

The guy has Asperger’s. Weird family. The girl left me cold turkey a few months later after 7 years together, and I still didn’t even think about telling her that story.”

2. Don’t say a word.

“I never told my wife that her mother tried to have s** with me.

It was early in our marriage when we were living with her to save money for our own place.

Her marriage of 28 years had ended badly and she was emotionally fragile. She was very drunk and was absolutely horrified at what she had done when she sobered up. I promised not to ever tell my wife and I never did, even when she and I were fighting near the end of our marriage.

Some things are too cruel to do, even when you’re trying to hurt each other.”

3. Wow.

“I hooked up with a professor of mine in college and after that she would pimp me out to her colleagues.

That’s not the label she would have given it, but that’s what it was.”

4. Rough.

“I was born with only one hand. I have rheumatoid arthritis in the one hand I have, and I know it’s spreading.

I have osteoarthritis in my lower back and scoliosis to the point where I am most likely going to need spine surgery. I’m only 31 years old. I can’t do this for another 50+ years. I am in such bad pain now and it’s only going to get worse.

I have thought of s**cide but I can’t do that to my husband and kids. I don’t want my husband to turn into a care giver. I can’t envision not being able to take care of myself.”

5. Still afraid.

“I had a total mental breakdown in 2017 caused by stress.

Never told anyone, it’s the worst my mental health has ever been and I’m afraid of getting like that again and not getting help.”

6. Sad.

“She’s my ex now, but, she had just revealed to me some very, uh, confidential information, info I understand I’m one of only four people to know.

She asked me if I have any deep secrets like that. I lied and told her I didn’t, but the truth is, my grandmother by marriage (no blood relation) s**ually harassed and a**sed me as a preteen and teenager.

Literally nobody knows. I’ve never told anyone.”

7. Don’t tell him.

“He wanted to find a shark tooth so badly after I found one at the beach.

So I went and bought a small bottle of shark teeth from the gift shop, spread them out all over a strip of beach we were hanging at and marveled at every shark tooth he brought me.

I can never tell him the truth.”

8. The old days.

“How bad of a person I used to be before I met her.

She knows I was into the drugs and some other dumb stuff, but she doesn’t know the depths of depravity I delved to in order to fit in with the people I mistakenly wasted my time with.”

9. Mardi Gras.

“I’m from south Louisiana and my dad is in a Mardi Gras Crew. Every year he’s on a float throwing beads.

My husband has never been to Mardi Gras so his first time he was so excited and it was at my dad’s parade. Normally people on the floats throw the “good beads” to kids or women that will flash them.

I told my husband that if you yell “throw me something mister!” loud enough the people on the float will give you the “good beads.”

I told my dad and he told his float buddies, when their float came around my husband was screaming like a banshee “THROW ME SOMETHING MISTER!”

My dad and his friend pelted my husband with their best beads. When we were leaving the parade my husband was flexing all his nice new beads and thinks Mardi Gras is the best thing ever.

Didn’t have the heart to tell him that I told my dad to do that. He just thinks that because he was so enthusiastic, he got all the good stuff.”

10. Take care of yourself.

“S**cidal ideation.

I’m a really introverted person, and talking about things doesn’t really help me. I live a blessed life for the most part, but in the last couple years I’ve become really jaded. I’m not suffering, more that I just don’t see the point of continuing; everything is just grey.

I took out a really good private life insurance policy a couple years ago, and it covers s**cide (My policies suicide clause and contestability provision is up), so they’ll be taken care of for life.

I took the last year as a sabbatical and Ive spent it entirely with my wife and kids, just making memories and doing the things I enjoy.”

11. The secret.

“I was s**ually a**sed throughout my entire childhood and early teens.

I’ve told one person this that I got close to earlier and I woke up with her gone from my apartment. It really messed me up since I trusted that woman.

Now I live with my beautiful SO and never felt better but I always have this thought In my head. I feel like it’s something you should tell the girl you intend to marry but not sure if I’ll ever have the guts to do it.”

12. Better now.

“Declining mental health and an everyday drug addiction.

I wish I hadn’t been so good at hiding it.

I needed help.

Now I am A-okay! It took some serious legal trouble and a ‘rock-bottom’ episode to snap out of it and begin to get my life back on track.

Things have been improving since November 2017. Thank you.”

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