What’s the First Thing You’d Buy if You Had a Lot of Money? Here’s What People Said.

I love to daydream about winning the lottery…

The first thing I’d do is buy a house on the beach…and then I’d immediately change my phone number so I could lay low with no distractions for about a month.

How about you?

AskReddit users talked about the first things they’d buy if they had unlimited money.

Let’s take a look.

1. Nice.

“My parents a house.

They’ve been doing rough financially and I know they really want a house.

That’s the only significant thing I would buy.”

2. Start small.

“An apartment, a two cats, a nice television setup where I can play video games, lots of wall decorations from my favorite games to go on the walls of the apartment, and a nice bed.

I like to dream small, because these can easily be bought with infinite money, and then I have time to think about other stuff I’d want to buy with my pile of cash. Like an indoor swimming pool for my money, Scrooge McDuck style.”

3. Take care of those dogs.

“Sounds ridiculous but a dog nanny. I have two dogs and they are my babies.

However, they really limit what I can do. Want to get away for a weekend? Ok, who is going to take care of the dogs? Need to work late? Great, they are going to p**s everywhere when no one lets them out.

I would definitely do more but my first purchase would be a full time dog nanny for sure.”

4. Uh oh!

“I would buy the upper peninsula of Michigan and sell it to Wisconsin for 99 cents.

That would put everyone at ease.”

5. Going green.

“I’d fund all efforts to further the fight against climate change, global warming, pollution, etc.

I’d probably try not to spend that much money for a while so as to prevent inflation, but adding ~20 trillion dollars to the global economy wouldn’t be that bad, right?”

6. Good idea.

“I’d buy a big piece of land, and build my sister a house, myself a house and my parents a house – then my sister and her kids would still be near me but we could all move out of our parents house.

I’d build a house for my parents so it was fully accessible for my severely disabled brother, with a roof hoist so my mum wouldn’t continue to damage her shoulder lifting him. I’d give them a fully heated swimming pool so my brother could swim whenever he wanted to, he loves swimming but we only have outdoor pools where we live.

I’d give them a big fancy spa so my mum could relax when she needed it and the swelling in her feet would go down. A sensory room for my brother, and a real train caboose for my dad for his model trains.

My sister’s house would have a bedroom for each of her kids, plus another room to act as their play room, and it would be fully fenced so the kids could go outside and play as much as they liked without any worries about them running on to the road. I’d make sure it had a room just for her for all her crafts with enough storage room for wool and material, and a stationary section so she could geek out all she liked over pencils and quills and pens and stamps.

And I’d have a two bedroom place with a built in movie theater and a room just for my DVD and book collection with a table large enough to play board games at. I’d have an aviary for my birds, and a knitting/crochet nook, and a large kitchen with every baking utensil, and a bath large enough for me to be submerged fully without either my knees or boobs being out of the water, and I’d enjoy living in a house again instead of a rented room on my parents property with no bathroom or cooking facilities without having to go outside and up a flight of stairs regardless of the weather.

And if there was enough room, I’d add a guest cottage and a little house for my nana.”

7. Take care of this land…

“Land. Just….. a huge chunk of land.

Build a house for my parents, one for us, and one for my In-Laws and another small house for family to stay at when they come visit. Maybe two. We gots a big family.

And then just spend my time building my farm.”

8. Take it easy!

“A house, because f**k this market for buyers.

It’s insane.

I’m watching s**tty 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom homes go for $300,000 and the area isn’t even nice nor does it have developmental options.”

9. Bittersweet.

“It sounds silly, but an ice cream sandwich.

Several years ago, I was living paycheck to paycheck and had a fair amount of credit card debt. I fell behind in my mortgage and lost my home to foreclosure. Shortly after I was notified, I drove over to a 7-11, bought an ice cream sandwich, and ate it while crying in my car.

Unfortunately, every time I eat an ice cream sandwich, it’s still a bittersweet feeling. I always think of the day my favorite childhood comfort food became forever intertwined with my sense of complete and utter failure. After coming into life-changing money, I would hope that an ice cream sandwich would taste as good again as it did when I was a kid.”

10. Good idea!

“A personal trainer to get me in shape and an assistant to follow me around and slap food out of my hand.”

11. First things first.

“Buy a little cabin in the woods somewhere, finally have a good night’s sleep, and then figure out how to help as many people as possible.”

12. Time to relax.

“I would go and purchase a huge bathtub.

One that can fit me because I’m 6’4″.

I take a lot of bubble baths and I need a tub that fits me.”

13. A new home.

“A new house. Currently displaced by a house fire and staying in a one room hotel room with three kids and one on the way (38 weeks pregnant) and a great dane.

Flat broke and waiting on gofundme to release funds which we’ve been waiting three weeks for now.

No idea how I’m going to even feed my kids this weekend, let alone for the hotel room for the next month until our new rental is ready.”

14. Sounds nice.

“I would buy a lot of stuff for my house.

Furniture, appliances, and I’ll fill up my pantry with a lot of supplies. I’d definitely invest in a workspace. I’m going to get a Herman Miller office chair and an Autonomous SmartDesk.

Then I’m going to get a really nice bed for my bedroom and a new bicycle. But generally I’ll buy a lot of things to fill my house.”

15. Sky’s the limit.

“A country. And then I’d:

Build and maintain world-class public infrastructure.

Fund universal healthcare, subsidize university education, and create a basic income scheme for everybody.

Open and fully subsidize first-rate public universities.

Fully fund scientific research, especially in critical areas like health sciences.

Build a modern army, navy, and air force for national defense and put money towards cutting edge research.

Create a train-to-work program for any existing homeless populations.

Sky’s the limit since I have infinite money.”

16. Live it up.

“I like the idea of a huge chunk of land and a house on it that’s just for me and the fam, but I want to travel too.

So, after I pay off student loans, car notes, etc… I guess live the life of leisure?”

17. Help them out.

“I would make sure the homeless have somewhere to stay and have food and get help for them to improve their lives then buy myself a house which isn’t too big and probably buy myself a few things I’ve always wanted but could never afford without being too extravagant.

I’d probably give a lot away to charities that money would really benefit them and would also help my family and friends out. Hopefully I wouldn’t turn into a rich arrogant a**hole.”

18. Mmmmmm…

“A really nice steak with home made chips and char grilled asparagus and I’d pay for my electricity bill.

I’m super bloody poor and haven’t had a nice steak for months.”

19. Dreaming big.

“Buy the most heavily shorted stocks by hedge funds. Mainly just to f**k with them to the point that they all close down/ run out of cash.

That in turn drains a large portion of the planets total wealth and makes the wealth divide smaller. The joy is you could probably do this from a smart phone the second you found out.

Then just drift round the world looking for projects that need doing to bring certain cultures up or overthrow oppressors.

Probably then look at making my own space program and putting a space station in orbit.”

20. Not bad.

“Probably all the games on my boyfriend’s Steam wishlist.

It’s the easiest to achieve time-wise, and with all the games he buys his friends, he deserves it, too!”

21. Time to treat Mom.

“Take my mother on vacation

My brother and I always appreciated how our mom struggled so much to provide for the three of us.

We both promised each other once we have more money, we take mom on a nice trip somewhere.”

22. Amen!

“I would purchase land to establish a homeless outreach program (and build said facility). We would have dorms similar to what you see in nursing homes (basically bedrooms with en-suite, and communal dining and social areas).

We would have on-site social workers and case workers to help residents transition from living on the streets. We would also have an on-site medical clinic to address health issues (both chronic and emergent). All residents would receive job training and placement, and we would have a “post office” with PO Boxes to allow residents a stable mailing address.

A computer lab would be available for people to take online classes with a local community college, and obtain degrees (or technical certificates). A rehabilitation unit would also be available for people to receive treatment for addiction and mental health issues. Specialists in the appropriate fields would also be on-staff.

I know I could just give money to people (given my limitless supply), but I appreciate the notion of “give a hand up, not a hand out.” A one-time check won’t go nearly as far as broadening someone’s career options, and giving them a stable, secure environment to get back on their feet.”

23. Back to the farm.

“A farm, I h**ed being from a small town as a kid but now I’m almost 30 & I dream of a farm and the freedom of being out in the middle of nowhere.

I miss my childhood and true friendships unlike now where everything seems like a competition.”

24. I like it!

“With Infinite money I would:

Buy all pharmaceutical patents and hand out medicine to everybody in need, free of charge

Hire an army of hackers and psychologists to counter Disinformation in the world

Create schools worldwide, and pay teachers a wage that is on par with doctors and lawyers

Fund research in all areas of science, not for profit but for humanity and preservation of this planet, including everything that’s on it

Create a worldwide organization that will immediately provide help when a disaster strikes (any natural disasters, collapsed buildings etc). The organization would have bases on every continent, with planes, boats and trucks to provide help and logistics as fast as possible. It will provide specialists, food, goods, medical supplies, logistics and whatever else is needed depending on the type of emergency.

Pay everybody a living wage, enough to lift everybody out of poverty

Advance the technology of vertical farms where it can be used worldwide, to eliminate hunger, and provide fresh food all year long. These Farms also greatly reduce the need for farmland, and need far less water to grow plants.”

What would you buy if you had unlimited cash?

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