What’s the Most Disturbing Thing You’ve Ever Seen? People Shared Their Stories.

When I was a little kid, I saw a man fall to his d**th from the upper deck at Comiskey Park during a Chicago White Sox game.

And even though it was a long time ago and the guy was on the other side of the stadium, I still have a glimpse of what I thought was a jacket falling through the air.

Pretty eerie…

Let’s see what AskReddit users said about the most disturbing things they’ve ever seen.

1. The accident.

“I was 19 and the first person to pass an accident on a road a mile from my house at around 1030 pm. I pulled over and went back to check on the person in the car.

It was a middle aged woman in the driver’s seat with her head roughly 3/4 de**pitated. I vomited on the spot, then called 911. The operator asked if they needed an ambulance. When I responded no she’s already d**d they asked if i checked for a pulse.

I told them no and they asked how i knew she was d**d. Telling them her head was barely attached to her neck was enough info for them to send police and i think the coroner (I left before the coroner arrived).

One officer told me that it was the worst victim he had ever seen. I still occasionally have nightmare flashbacks and it’s been over a decade.”

2. Awful.

“I watched as a man got into his truck and deliberately drove over another man.

Two guys got into an argument in a parking lot at a local park. Had to give an interview at the police station since it became a m**der.

One of the responding fire rescue guys said it was the worst thing he’d ever seen.”

3. Sorry for your loss.

“My mother passed away from what we think were complications related to lupus. I watched her go from the strong woman I loved to a shell.

She had sores all over her body and they were covered in bandaids because she couldn’t stop scratching them. She couldn’t get out of bed or walk by herself because the pain in her legs was so bad. She was terrified, and the last time I saw her, I held her while she cried in my arms repeating “I don’t want to d**” over and over again.

It broke my heart, and a week later she d**d. She had fallen out of bed and was in too much pain to get back in it, so she d**d alone on the floor of her room. My strong, beautiful mother lived her last moments alone, scared, and in pain. Because of this, the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen was her corpse laying on the floor, still wearing her favorite pajamas.

I miss her so much.”

4. Downfall.

“I watched a stroke turn my father-in-law from a loving person into an aggressive, angry one who was unable to communicate verbally.

Poor guy spiralled downward in a nursing home for about 6 months before passing from kidney failure.

We were originally going to take care of him, but his damaged brain made him too dangerous to stay with me and my wife (who was pregnant.)”

5. Terrible.

“Saw a guy on work trip while exercising (running backward, warming up). Hit his head on the ground and went unconscious.

NBD right?

He never woke up and d**d after being in a coma for years. Had a wife and kids.”

6. Poor kid.

“Fireworks accident. Back in the ’90s, all you could legally acquire here were tiny firecrackers with a fuse.

The really heavy stuff, like nitrate crackers and cobras wasn’t really around yet. What the “cool kids” did have were “strijkers”. These were heavier firecrackers from Germany and eastern Europe that didn’t have a fuse, but a match head you had to strike to set them off. I think their official use is to scare birds away from crop fields. They were also notoriously unreliable in their timing.

When I was 8 or so, I watched a bunch of older kids playing with these. The bangs were pretty impressive. Then one of them struck one that went off almost immediately, right in his hand. It took off his middle three fingers, just like that.

It’s not so much the gore that stuck with me, it’s the look of surprise on his face melting into sadness and despair. He didn’t even scream with pain at first. He just started crying mournfully at the realization of what had just happened. It was only when his mother got there that (I assume) the pain hit him like a ton of bricks and he started screaming.

I’ll never forget the look on his face though… Poor kid.”

7. Harsh.

“Saw a lady jump from 200 or so feet up off a cathedral to the cobblestone below about 150 yds from the window I was near.

Pretty harsh.”

8. Ugh.

“I saw a d**d body from the middle school bus.

He was a biker, fixing his tire and a semi didn’t get over.

Saw his broken body laid out on the side of the highway, we drove by right after it happened.”

9. No helmet.

“I saw a man d**.

He was riding a motorcycle a few cars ahead of me and I watched as a truck pulled out in front of him and he t boned the bed and went flying. This was in Arizona where there are no helmet laws.

He flew through the air, bounced on the ground and landed on his face and slid along the asphalt a good 30 feet. The slide took away all the skin on his face and all you could see through all the blood were his eyes and his teeth.”

10. Horrific.

“My dad took his life and unfortunately I found him. His body was decomposing in his place with the heater on for four days.

It wasn’t a pretty sight. It hasn’t quite been a year yet and I still replay finding him in my mind all of the time. It’s been horrible.”

11. I hope someone got arrested for this.

“A child brought in age 3 who had been in a dog cage since he was an infant.

Severely underweight covered in scabs, bugs, filth and his own excretions.”

12. On the ballfield.

“Played baseball in High School and was on the Varsity team. Our coach decided that instead of practice we would watch the C Squad (usually freshman) play their game.

We’re all huddled up on on the left field fence cheering on these kids as they take the field. One of our favorite freshman was playing at third base so we’re giving him s**t while the pitcher warms up. First batter is up and he absolutely smokes the pitch, line drive right to third base. The ball only hit face, he didn’t react fast enough and had even moved into the field a little.

Blood was everywhere, absolutely gushing from his mouth. He gets taken away in a hurry and someone goes over to grab his glove and hat that was left on the field. There was something else in the dirt and as they picked it up there was an instant reaction.

It was his teeth, not individually fallen out or anything, no his entire upper gums with the teeth and all was just there on the ground in one piece. Never saw the kid again and no idea what happened. I hope he’s ok.”

What’s the most disturbing thing you’ve ever seen?

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